7 Health and Fitness Secrets from Your Favorite Celebs ...


7 Health and Fitness Secrets from Your Favorite Celebs ...
7 Health and Fitness Secrets from Your Favorite Celebs ...

Celebrity health and fitness secrets seem to be all the rage these days. People are constantly trying to get JLo’s booty or Cameron Diaz’s abs. I’d be lying to you if I said that was 100% possible, for everyone has a unique body shape/type and you should embrace that! But if you’re looking for some healthy inspiration and ideas to take your diet or workouts to the next level, try these celebrity health and fitness secrets. These tips don’t involve crash dieting, unsafe methods, and are actually pretty applicable to your everyday life.

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Lift Weights

One of the most popular celebrity health and fitness secrets is the incorporation of weight training into their exercise regiments. Gone are the days of just cardio! Celebrities understand that to give their bodies a specific shape or an illusion of that shape, they need to lift weights from time to time. This doesn’t mean you need to turn into a full on bodybuilder. But at the same time, don’t be shy of hitting the weight room at your local gym for some squats and lunges. Jessica Biel is known for incorporating lots of weight training into her workouts, and clearly she’s doing something right!


Try a Vegan Diet/Detox

JLo and Beyonce recently underwent vegan detoxes not just to lose weight, but to sleep better, reveal clear skin, and boost their energy levels. 2015 is right around the corner, and maybe a vegan detox is just what you need too! As always, talk to your doctor before embarking on any sort of drastic detox. If you’re super serious about a vegan detox, you can even speak to a registered dietitian to help you plan meals and avoid any nutritional deficiencies.


Find Activities You Love Doing That Don’t Feel like Exercise

Everyone always wonders how celebs like Cameron Diaz stay in shape. Diaz has made is pretty clear over the years that she’s definitely a fan of hitting the gym. But she also makes a point to have fun and enjoy her life! Find activities you love doing that don’t feel like exercise. For Diaz, her favorite activity is surfing. But for you it might be hiking with a friend or a competitive match of tennis.


Taste Everything, Eat Nothing

Celebrity chef Bethenny Frankel has written extensively about cooking for celebrities and what eating habits they tend to have. Her rule about indulging in your favorite foods without going overboard is definitely a trend celebrities follow. Celebs undeniably attend a ton of events, and often these events don’t have the most health-conscious meals. Frankel’s rule of tasting everything but not going overboard is perfect for when you’re attending a holiday party, work function, or other social gathering.


Be Consistent

Let’s be honest. If you’re inconsistent with your diet and exercise patterns, you’re never really going to see the results you want. A BIG part about getting healthy and looking fit is consistently sticking to your eating plan and workouts. Take someone like Jane Fonda. She’s been exercising for literally decades, and she still looks great! Consistency is one of the biggest downfalls for most people when starting a new, healthy lifestyle.


Mental Health is Just as Important as Physical Health

Health and wellness isn’t just about your physical appearance, but also your mental health. Numerous celebrities rave about the benefits of exercises like yoga, tai chi, or even taking 5-10 minutes a day for a daily meditation. Try it and see if it works for you!


Chances Are, You Aren’t a Celebrity

I hate to say this, but chances are if you’re reading this you aren’t a celebrity (and least, not yet!). Celebrities experience tremendous pressure to look and perform in a certain way. There’s no need to put that same pressure on yourself! Eat well, exercise moderately, and you’ll definitely notice a difference in how you look and how you feel.

Have you looked into celebrity health trends? Which ones have worked for you?

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