7 Health Benefits of Flossing ...

Knowing a few health benefits of flossing may encourage you to break out the dental floss every night before you go to bed, even if you hate to floss! Flossing can be tedious, but once you get into the habit, it’s not as much work as you might think. So bust up your dental routine and start the habit of daily flossing if you haven’t already! These health benefits of flossing are some good reasons to start flossing today.

1. Less Risk of Gum Disease and Tooth Decay

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Perhaps one of the best health benefits of flossing is a lessened risk of gum disease and tooth decay! No one wants to deal with a cavity, and flossing is an easy way to reduce your risk of getting one. Gum disease is also preventable by flossing, so make sure you don’t skip this step in your dental hygiene routine!

2. Fresh Breath

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Who knew that flossing could help you to have fresher breath? Little bits of food and plaque jammed between your teeth can be easily missed by your toothbrush, and over time this can really make your breath stink! Flossing your teeth once a day helps eliminate old pieces of food and gives you fresh breath.

3. Whiter Smile

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Plaque buildup between your teeth is one of the big reasons for a yellow smile. Of course regular brushing keeps your teeth white as well, but flossing is like the deep cleaning process-it gets out all the gunk and helps you achieve a whiter smile! You should floss at least once daily to see an improvement in the whiteness level of your teeth.

4. Reduced Pressure

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Sometimes, having a piece of food stuck in your teeth or lots of plaque buildup can put pressure on your gums and cause lots of discomfort. Flossing helps reduce this pressure and pain! If your gums bleed easily, it could be due to pressure buildup as well. Try flossing on a regular basis to see if you notice any changes in your gums bleeding.

5. Less Chance of over-eating

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I know, this one sounds a little crazy! But give it a try before you knock it. If you ever feel like eating more out of boredom or emotions, then try this trick and see if it helps! Go floss your teeth and then see how you feel! It’s a mind trick: once your teeth feel clean and your breath is fresh, you won’t want to “spoil” it!

6. An Inviting Mouth

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As ladies, we all know the importance of a soft, inviting mouth! Flossing regularly can help your mouth be a very enticing place! Combined with brushing, gargling, lip exfoliation, and regular use of lip-gloss or lip balm, your man won’t stand a chance! This tip applies to men too, because ladies enjoy fresh breath coming from their kissing partner as well!

7. Starting a Good Habit

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My final health benefit for flossing is the fact that flossing creates a good habit! We all have more than enough bad habits in our lives, so why not start up a few good habits? Flossing is good for smokers to pick up, if they are trying to stop that is. Flossing will keep your hands and mouth busy so you won’t light up!

These are the main reasons that flossing is beneficial for your health, but some people floss their teeth because they just like the clean feeling in their mouths! Whether you floss for health benefits or just because you like to floss, you are doing great so keep up the good work! Experiment with different flavors and textures of floss to find one that you love. What are your tips for flossing your teeth?

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