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10 Health Benefits of Tea Not All Women Might Know ...

By Ashlee

With summer coming to a close and fall approaching it is time to grab a thermos and your favorite bag of tea. What are the top health benefits of tea?

There are several lifelong benefits related to drinking tea according to WebMD and Harvard Health Publications, which can leave a lasting impact on your health. It shouldn't be too hard to reap these rewards since tea tastes so good. There are so many flavors and types to choose from. Provided you drink it plain, you have a delicious calorie-free beverage that you can enjoy hot or cold.

So, no more waiting around. Here are the top health benefits of tea.

1 Antioxidants

Green tea, oolong tea, black tea, and most other types of tea contain unique antioxidants called flavonoids which can help the body in counteract free radicals which have a negative impact on one’s health. That means a lowered risk of many health issues from heart disease to cancer. That's definitely one of the top health benefits of tea.

2 Lower Risk for Cardiovascular Disease

Harvard Health has found in group studies that those who drink tea could have a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. The theory is that tea comprised of catechins and epicatechins contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which can ward off heart problems.

3 Helps Generate Mental Alertness

The theanine and caffeine in tea helps the brain to be awake and alert. While tea has caffeine it is recommended to brew your tea versus buying packaged tea with added sugars, calories, and artificial sugars because making your own is much healthier.

4 Lowers Bad Cholesterol

The antioxidants in teas have been linked to avoiding clogged arteries. Studies have shown green tea specifically is very effective in lowering bad cholesterol.

5 Less Weight Gain

One study animals shows that participants were less likely to gain weight when drinking tea on a regular basis. Oolong tea is now being studied as a possible weight loss supplement as well.

6 Lowers Blood Pressure

A study found that drinking hibiscus tea three times a day can lower blood pressure in someone with high blood pressure.
Of course, this shouldn't replace traditional medication for hypertension.

7 Cancer Fighting Properties

Drinking tea, especially green tea, can help decrease the risk of cancer, including stomach cancer. Rooibos red tea has also been shown to have flavonoids that can help fight cancer.

8 Reduced Risk of Neurological Disorders

Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease can be reduced by drinking green tea. Drinking tea can also reduce the risk of having a stroke.

9 Prevent Diabetic Complications

Chamomile tea is shown to prevent kidney damage, vision impairment, and can have an impact on cancer cell growth. Since these are all complications of diabetes, talk to your doctor about whether tea has a place in your treatment plan.

10 Adds to a Happy and Healthy Life

Tea has been traced to the health and happiness of many people for thousands of years. That's partly due to its nutrient content, partly due to how delicious it tastes.

It is reported that people who live a healthy lifestyle incorporate drinking tea as part of their daily routine. So brew yourself a cup right now!

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