8 Health Items to Buy Online ...


8 Health Items to Buy Online ...
8 Health Items to Buy Online ...

Many of my favorite health items to buy online are staples that most people don’t think about ordering online. I started opting for online purchases several years ago when I discovered the vast price difference between online items and popular health food store items. The exact same brands are usually around thirty percent cheaper online than in stores. These are just a handful of my favorite health items to buy online and free shipping is usually offered as well, which saves on travel expense to the store.

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Organic Flax Seed

Organic Flax Seed Organic flax seed has been one of my go-to health items to buy online for about five years now. In fact, I can order it in a 40 ounce package instead of the standard 16 ounce package offered at the store. It is actually 20% cheaper to do so, plus it lasts several months in the fridge.


Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil I use coconut oil for everything from beauty aids, to making energy bars with it, cooking with it, or throwing some in a smoothie to give my energy and metabolism a boost. Coconut oil is incredibly cheaper to buy online and name brand versions are all available online at a much cheaper rate and for a bigger supply. This not only saves you time from running to the store, but also dollars to spend on something else you love.



Toothpaste I am a stickler for buying toxic-free toothpaste, but many of these toothpastes can run up to $5 in stores. Online, I can buy them for around $3-$4 and save big time. While those couple extra dollars don’t seem like a big deal, over weeks of buying good toothpaste, they add up quick!


Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds Being a vegetarian, chia seed and hemp seeds are staples in my diet to ensure I get some quality Omega 3s, a complete protein and great fiber content. Chia seeds are almost 30% cheaper if you buy them online. All name brands are even much cheaper if you buy them on the web versus in the store. You can also buy a bigger package, which saves more money over time too.


Protein Powder

Protein Powder I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge fan of protein powders. I’m not about to buy cheap brands just to save money either. I want quality, organic and preferably raw protein powder, without spending an arm and a leg. This is why ordering protein powder online is a must for me. I buy raw hemp protein powder online and get a three month supply for around $30, which is much less than buying it in store. Most any protein powder is cheaper if you buy it online versus in store so definitely consider buying it online to save major money over the course of time.



Supplements I prefer to buy quality supplements versus cheap store brands, but I still don’t want to spend tons of money doing so. This is why ordering all my supplements online is better than at name brand drug stores. Even with store points, card points, store value points, etc. considered, I still save more money buying online versus in store. I get a a superfood-infused, allergen-free, whole foods multivitamin online for $15 versus spending the same amount for a cheap, more processed, chemically-loaded one in store.



Spices My kitchen wouldn’t be complete without some quality herbs and spices. I love the organic varieties for a better taste, but don’t want to feel the pain of spending the extra money for organic brands in stores. Online, many organic brands are actually cheaper than non-organic store varieties.


Nut Butters

Nut Butters If you’re a fan of nut butters, don’t buy them in stores. They’re often about 10% higher in stores, and while that might not seem like a big deal, why not just save and buy the same products online? Many varieties are even offered in a double pack instead of a single pack, and are even cheaper bought this way.

There are many other great health items to buy online to save you money, and I’d love to hear your favorites. Do you buy health products online and if so, which ones do you save on?

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Great ideas

Me too! Vitacost is great! My mum and I have been ordering supplements, snacks, and beauty products from them for over a year and it's fantastic! Their prices are so much better than the stores!

You wouldn't be doing your teeth or gums a favour by using the toothpaste pictured. It contains no fluoride!! Fluoride has been proven to reduce decay by 60%. Everyone should use toothpaste that contains fluoride - ask your dentist.

I would love to save money on all these brands. Did you just research to find the cheapest site or did you just use amazon?

Yeah what sites are best to order food products from

Amazon has a lot of these products and other healthy food products and powders for good prices

Where do you but these?such great ideas!

I don't buy medications or thibgs like that online because there's no way to know if it's a conterfeit item or not and it could be dangerous. Be careful on which website you buy it.

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