7 Health Tips for the New Year ...

As we begin 2014, let me share with you my trainer health tips for the New Year. These tips are not trends or phases in your life but everyday tips that will help you to transform your health and feel great. As I get older I focus more not just on looking good, but feeling great and having great health to back all this up. Without health we have nothing, so make healthy changes to better your life today and your future. Here are my health tips for the New Year to help you to make a transformation in your life:

1. Stay Positive

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If you stay positive no matter what curve balls life may throw at you, you will achieve more in life. Studies show that positive people are more successful and have better physical and mental health. So find the good in everything and look up, not down, by turning that frown upside down and smiling instead. Having a positive outlook on life tops my health tips for the New Year because it really works!

2. Drink More Water

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To rid your body of toxins, decrease bloating, feel great and stay hydrated, drink more water. You should drink 8-12 glasses of water a day and you will feel better. To boost your metabolic rate, drink cold water and add a splash of lemon for a natural diuretic.

3. Eat an Apple or Pear a Day

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To get some metabolic boosting pectin, antioxidants and plenty of nutrients, have an apple or pear a day. Both fruits are treasures that are backed with healthy nutrition as well as metabolic boosting pectin! Have your apple or pear a day to keep the doctor away!

4. Set Realistic Goals

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Set a realistic set of goals for you to strive for this year. Without goals, where would we be? Probably reading this without future plans, so don’t let this be you. Set work goals, relationship goals along with fitness goals and track your progress every month so that you meet your goals.

5. Have No Fear

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Stop being afraid of failure! Don't be afraid to go for your dreams by making a change this year and just go for it! This is important for your mental health and wellness. The most successful people fall every now and then too, but they get back up and keep trying! So have no fear!

6. Ditch Your Unhealthy Multivitamin

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Unfortunately, since multivitamins are not regulated, there are few that are natural. Make your own multivitamin with a green shake with plenty of antioxidants. Or if you are not ready for the switch, research your multivitamin and make sure it is natural and benefits your health.

7. Find Time for Fitness

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No matter how busy your life is you can always find time for fitness if you make it a priority. So squeeze in your workout each day to feel better, have more energy and have better health markers. Create a regular fitness routine that you can stick with and make this part of your new healthy lifestyle! And make sure you eat healthy to pair with your fitness!

Hope you have enjoyed these fitness tips for the New Year and you have a happy and healthy year! Remember, you can make any change in your life if you stay dedicated, on track and focused on your goals! What are your health and fitness plans for the New Year?

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