Health Tips for Women 7 Astonishing Ways That Clothes Can Damage Your Health ...


Health Tips for Women 7 Astonishing Ways That Clothes Can Damage Your Health ...
Health Tips for Women 7 Astonishing Ways That Clothes Can Damage Your Health ...

Health Tips For Women usually place an emphasis on getting regular health checks, eating well, taking exercise and so on. But there are more unusual health tips for women to consider; you may not have thought of the following ways in which our health and well-being can be threatened. Yes, even getting dressed can be dangerous, with many clothing-related accidents being reported in emergency departments. So here are some ´fashionable´ health tips for women

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Shocking Shoes

Most women love wearing high heels, but since the foot is not designed to be contorted in that way it´s not wise to overdo it. High heels make you look and feel great, but are best kept for limited use, as they alter your posture. And as for the ridiculously high platform heels that are beloved of celebrities, forget it – unless you want to risk ending up in casualty, as well as giving yourself backache!


Pinching Pants

Tight pants are not only unflattering to the majority of us, they can also give you some nasty infections in an intimate area … not a nice thought! So avoid wearing pants that pinch – that really is a valuable health tip for women!


Too Tight

In the days when it was fashionable to wear tight corsets, women experienced all kinds of health problems as a result, fainting being particularly common. While we might not go to those lengths for modern beauty, tight clothing can cause discomfort, breathing difficulties and digestive problems. So unless you want to suffer for your outfit, a great health tip for women is not to wear your clothes too tight – loosen that belt for example.


Dodgy Detergents

You probably think nothing of washing your clothes – it´s just one of those boring chores that has to be done. However, with allergies on the rise, if you find yourself with skin irritation or eczema, it could be your detergent that´s at fault. Change brands until you find one that doesn´t cause a problem, and if you can, identify what is causing the irritation.


Deadly Dressing

When you get dressed in the morning, or undressed at night, it´s such a routine action that you never think it could lead to a hospital visit. Yet thousands of (rather embarrassing) accidents occur during the simple act of changing your clothes. So do be careful that you don´t trip over your dress, or strangle yourself with your scarf – it might sound ridiculous, but accidents do happen!


Toxic Chemicals

Do you have any items of clothing that need dry cleaning? The process is neither good for the environment or for your health, as it can leave a residue of formaldehyde on your clothes. So if you do send any items to the cleaners, make sure you air them outside before replacing them in your wardrobe.


Back-Busting Bags

It may be an old joke that women carry half their lives around in their bags, but like many jokes it´s an exaggeration of the truth. Bags that are too heavy can place a strain on your back, so avoid overloading them and only carry what you really need. If you must carry heavier items, use a backpack that distributes the weight evenly.

These health tips for women focus on an area that wouldn´t normally be considered as falling under the umbrella of health tips. But don´t be complacent! Of course, there´s no need to be paranoid that your clothes are out to kill you, but it´s worth remembering that health tips for women are about more than just visiting your doctor. Are there any unusual health tips for women that you can add?

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don't know if it's health, but... "too tight" reminded me about what my mom said once "we used to have a pretty hourglass figures, 'till girls started wearing jeans too tight, too low... so there you go, muffin tops." Random.

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