7 Healthy Addictions It's Okay to Have ...


7 Healthy Addictions It's Okay to Have ...
7 Healthy Addictions It's Okay to Have ...

There are so many healthy addictions you can acquire that living a healthy lifestyle may become easy for you. The word “addiction” has a negative connotation, because most immediately people associate it with drugs or alcohol. But there are a number of healthy addictions you shouldn’t feel guilty about having; here are a few of them!

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While for many of us, exercise is just that “thing” you do at the gym that leaves you sore and out of breath, some people become addicted to exercise. If you belong to the second group and are an exercise junkie, you’re lucky! Exercise may be the healthiest of all healthy addictions, because it does wonders for both your physical and mental wellness. If you have an exercise addiction, keep it up, but be sure not to overdo it. You should know your body’s limits and not push yourself too far past them.



Are you one of those people who's always singing, or who won’t leave the house without headphones on? If you are, odds are, you’re addicted to music! But a music addiction is harmless and healthy. Music can calm you down and slow down the pace of your very busy life. So if you’re one of those people, there’s no need to feel bad. Keep on rocking out!


Healthy Foods

There are two types of food addictions. One is to unhealthy, salty, fatty, or artificially sweet foods, which does little good for your body. The other is to naturally delicious healthy foods! If you have that second addiction and can never get enough fruits and veggies, don’t ever change! Of course, it’s important to keep in mind the rule of moderation, but if you always opt for fruit salad over brownies, you’re making a wise choice!



Water is so essential to our existence that we should all be addicted to water. Unfortunately, many of us neglect this very healthy addiction. But if you’ve always loved water and drink plenty of it daily, there’s nothing wrong with calling yourself a water addict! Water improves bodily functions, decreases bloating, and makes your skin glow. At the end of the day, you really can’t go wrong with a water addiction!



If you’ve been called a bookworm all your life, you should feel proud! Reading is another healthy addiction that replaces unhealthy habits like watching TV or playing video games. When you read, your mind is alert and your imagination has a chance to grow! If you get captivated by a good book and can think of nothing else, you may be addicted, but where’s the harm in enjoying some good old-fashioned entertainment?



If you’re addicted to adventure, you may consider yourself a bit of a daredevil. Or maybe you’ve simply always loved to drive into far off, unfamiliar places, ride the largest roller coasters, and meet new people. As long as you don’t let your need to explore endanger you, an addiction to adventure is great, even healthy! An adrenaline rush every now and then is good for your body and mind, so never let someone stamp out your sense of adventure!



Another healthy addiction it’s okay to have is an addiction to learning. Call me a nerd, but I love to learn! I love filling my brain with knowledge until it feels like it will burst! If you’re the same way, you don’t need to feel ashamed of your geekiness; an addiction to learning is undeniably healthy! Learning new things is incredible for both your physical and mental health, so it’s only natural to be hooked on learning!

We all develop addictions at least once in our lives. Some of us are naturally more inclined to get addicted to things easily, but as long as it’s something healthy, that’s no cause for concern. What sort of healthy addictions do you have?

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My friends always calls me a book worm, I can finish a 300 pages book in one sitting if i wanted too but I don't do it coz I love the idea of excitement and crazy with my exercise routine but I don't over do them. Balance is the key indeed.

I think my biggest addictions in this list are reading and learning, but it's all a but tongue and check really.

Everything in moderation.

Exercise addictions are not healthy! They can be fatal. I landed in the hospital after working out for 6 hours straight

Moderation makes u enjoy more......

Addicted to diys

exercise and healthy food addictions aren't exactly healthy. have you heard of orthorexia?

@Sabrina I don't think there are any good addiction. That's my professional opinion. I've seen people in the ER from drinking too much water, water intoxication, @Brittany gave a great example of an exercise addiction. People have even been admitted form being addicted to reading! They cannot do anything else so their life falls apart. It's better to find a balance.

I am addicted to: books, learning, tea, fruits and veggies, and animals. I keep these in check though... Or my friends would die of embarrassment.

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