Healthy Alternatives to Juice Detoxing Your Body Will Love ...

I know that juicing is really trendy and I understand its benefits but, girls, I have to admit, it just doesn’t do it for me. I love all fruits and vegetables, but I just can’t stand juices and smoothies. That means when I want to detox, I find other ways of doing it. So if, like me, you’re not turned on by juice fasts, here are some other ways to detox you can try:

1. Sweat is All You Need to Remove the Toxins

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You can help your body detoxify by engaging in activities that make you sweat. It could be some majorly punishing workouts or something as simple as taking sauna baths. You may consider infrared saunas to feel even better because they produce the same effect that the sun's rays produce, but without the harmful UV radiation. Be sure to keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water. You can add fruit, citrus slices, or mint to plain water to make it taste better. Be sure to know when you're sweating too much – an excess of anything isn't good.

2. Add Some Spice to Your Diet for Sweating It out of a Different Kind

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Just like spending time in saunas, you can sweat it out by adding some spices to your food. The use of spices such as black pepper, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, and curry will help encourage detoxification. It will also add great flavor to your food, making that boring chicken breast taste delectable.

3. A Long Soak in a Hot Bath Can Work Wonders

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One of the simple ways to detox is to take a hot bath. A long, hot bath will always facilitate detoxification and make you feel relaxed. To make it all work even better, you may consider adding some Epsom salts to your tub. The salt will offer several health benefits and play a big role in drawing out toxins from your body.

4. It's Surprising How Beneficial Deep Breathing Can Be

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How difficult can this be? You know how to breathe, don't you? Of course you do, but it is important to add some depth to your breaths to trigger the detoxification process. You can follow a breathing technique called ujjayi breathing that works by building heat in your body. This promotes detoxification and eliminates excess carbon dioxide as well. The best thing is that you can always take 15 minutes out of your busy schedule to practice deep breathing and detoxify your body. It's definitely one of the best alternatives to juicing that you can use to detoxify.

5. Drink Green but Make It the Tea Kind

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It's about green tea, ladies! The next time you say to yourself, "No, I don't want to drink juices to detoxify," you may want to try a cup of green tea to eliminate destructive compounds from your body. Green tea is effective because it contains antioxidants called polyphenols that play a role in neutralizing free radicals that lead to inflammation.

6. Never Miss the Chance to Catch Enough Zzzs

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You already know how important it is to get enough sleep, but you should start paying more attention to getting at least eight hours of sleep every night to promote detoxification. Your lymphatic system works to eliminate toxins and waste out of your body, and this system is 10 times more active while you're in deep sleep. Grabbing some shut-eye during the day may even help detoxify your body.

7. Examine Your Diet and Make Better Detox Food Choices

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You should plan your diet carefully to encourage detoxification. For starters, stick to whole foods such as fruits, lean protein, free-range eggs, and nuts, and green veggies such as kale, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, arugula etc. Whole food is important because it strengthens your metabolism and makes it easier to detoxify.

So you can see that you don’t have to rely on juices nor turn to any weird fad routine to detox your body. Do you detox? How often and what’s your favorite way?

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