10 Healthy Gas Station Snacks to Have While Traveling ...


10 Healthy Gas Station Snacks to Have While Traveling ...
10 Healthy Gas Station Snacks to Have While Traveling ...

If your summer is filled with lots of trips and time spent on the road, you’re definitely going to want to read up on this list of 10 healthy gas station snacks! Gas stations are notorious for having some of the most unhealthiest, calorie and fat laden foods around, but I’ve made a list for you of some of the safer choices available. So the next time you need to fuel up on some snacks you’ll know exactly what items to pick up!

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I know, this is an easy choice for healthy gas station snack but I don’t think many people think to look for yogurt when they’re on the road. After all, it’s not exactly easy to eat whilst driving or it can be a total pain to eat if you can’t find a spoon! Yogurt is a great choice for a snack to eat on the road, but if you can’t find any go for fruit juices or smoothies like the ones from Odwalla or Naked.


Goldfish Crackers

If you’re craving something salty and crunchy to munch on while you take in the scenic route, those Goldfish crackers that you loved as a child are great low-cal picks for a diet-friendly snack from the gas station. Goldfish crackers have 140 calories for one serving of 55 pieces, which is a huge difference compared to a serving of chips! If you’re lucky, the gas station you stopped at has other fun flavors like pizza or s’mores, which are also fun and tasty snack options!


String Cheese

Another often overlooked but smart snack for the road is string cheese. Not only is it fun to eat, it’s also pretty darn tasty! String cheese is another good alternative for fatty and salty chips or party mixes, especially when your taste buds are screaming for savory flavors. Full fat cheeses can certainly add up in calories, so look for part skim string cheese and get a dose of calcium, Vitamins A, B12, zinc and phosophorus!



Nuts are an awesome healthy gas station snack as long as you don’t pick the kind that is heavily doused in salt or other seasonings. I know those wasabi or BBQ flavored almonds look mighty yummy, but think about how much salt you’re taking in. Look for the low sodium or unsalted variety and stay on the safe side. Eating salted and flavored nuts is fine once in a while, so if you’ve got a hankering for salted cashews, share them with others or save some for later!


Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit is probably the best healthy gas station snack around. I know it can be hard to find, messy or just plain expensive, but it’s worth it! Most places carry bananas or apples, and if you’re lucky you can either find packaged apple slices with peanut butter or grapes in convenient packages in the refrigerated section. You just have to hunt them down! If you can spare the cost, always go for fruit instead of a processed snack!


Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds are a great diet-friendly snack from the gas station as long as you follow the same rule as the nuts and look for a low sodium kind. The package might not even say that it has low sodium, so pick up a few bags and compare stats. Eating seeds is a great way to pass the time and they also surprisingly contain a lot of nutrients, vitamins and good fats! Make sure you have a seed spittoon ready and get crackin’!


Graham Crackers

Cookies are one of my weaknesses, but unfortunately they really don’t have any redeeming qualities when it comes to being good for you. Instead of traditional cookies, I turn to graham crackers as my sweet and smart snack for the road. Graham crackers are low in fat and cholesterol and give you a nice sweet crunch. Graham crackers are a fantastic option when you’ve got cookies on the brain and nothing else will do. Eating a whole package of graham crackers is a definite no-no though, so limit yourself to one or two squares and you’re good!


Trail Mix

I bet you saw this healthy gas station snack coming from a mile away! Many people turn to trail mix as a healthy and tasty way to satisfy a sweet and salty craving, but choose carefully! Avoid bags with tons of chocolate chips or M&Ms in them and look for mixes with just fruit and nuts. It would still be smart to compare nutrition facts on the various bags there. Get the one with the least fat, sodium and any sidestep any bags with added sugar or trans fat.



Gum isn’t exactly one of the healthy gas station snacks that will fill you up or provide nutrients in any way, but if you want to prevent yourself from mindless eating or just want something to chew on while you drive, grab some sugar-free bubble gum. Have fun blowing big bubbles or get some fruit or dessert flavored gum to satisfy your taste buds. Gum is also good to have on hand if you want to relieve pressure in your ears from changes in atmospheric pressure.


Dark Chocolate

I’ll use any excuse to have some dark chocolate and it’s great to know that it made the list of healthy gas station snacks! Dark chocolate has numerous health benefits; such as being heart healthy, having a low glycemic index, and being packed with antioxidants, which help your body fight off damage from the environment! If you’re craving a candy bar, grab a dark chocolate bar with almonds. If you’re just dying for a specific candy bar, look for the snack size bars that most gas stations carry so you get enough to satisfy your candy fix!

The next time you find yourself on the road with a certain craving, keep this list of healthy gas station snacks in mind so you make the best choice possible! Don’t let a limited selection of wholesome snacks deter you from eating right; you’ll never regret eating clean and healthy! What’s your favorite healthy gas station snack?

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