7 Healthy Things to do Every Day in College This School Year ...


7 Healthy Things to do Every Day in College This School Year ...
7 Healthy Things to do Every Day in College This School Year ...

Once you go back to school, there are healthy things to do every day so your mental and physical states remain intact. As important as grades are, your health comes first. You don’t want to be miserable for an entire semester. You might be swamped with work, but don't forget these healthy things to do every day.

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Scenic Route

If you have enough time between classes, take the long route to get to the next building. You’ll get exercise in small spurts, so it won’t even feel like hard work. One of the healthy things to do every day is to walk as much as possible. Just don’t run the risk of being late for class. If you don’t have a lot of time, get to your location as quickly as you can manage.


Talk It out

Try to talk to someone in every class that you’re taking. It can be scary to initiate conversations, but most people will be glad that you did. The first day of class is the perfect day to start speaking, because you can ask others whether you’re in the right room or what they’re majoring in. Whether you become best friends with a classmate or only talk to them to ask questions about assignments, it’s healthy to socialize. Plus, it keeps class from getting too boring.


Stop Skimping

When you have to get up early and stay up late doing work, it can feel like you have no time to sleep. When you’re running out the door to get to class, it can feel like breakfast would be a waste of time. Try to manage your time so you still have time dedicated to eating and sleeping. It’s unhealthy to skimp on either activity. You don’t want your health to be sacrificed for good grades.


Use Breaks to Your Benefit

If you have a few hours to spare between classes, make the most of them. Even if you don’t have anything due for the next few days, you can always find work to do. Use your school’s library to do research for the paper that’s due next month. The date seems far away, but getting it over with instead of procrastinating will help you in the long run. The more you do now, the less you’ll have to worry about in the future.


Don’t Take on Too Much

You know you have to take a certain amount of classes in order to graduate on time, but you should still be careful with the number of courses you take. You have to decide if you have the time to do homework and to study for every single class. You don’t want to end up failing because you’ve taken on too much. It’s good to challenge yourself, but not to stress yourself out more than you need to. Every day, ask yourself if you still think you’re able to manage all your work while staying mentally healthy.


Listen up

Even if you’re having a bad day or are feeling sick, listen when your professor is speaking. If they’re going off on a tangent about something that won’t be on a test, it’s still important to pay attention. You could learn something new. It’s easy to ignore what your classmates are saying since they’re not the ones creating the tests, but what they’re saying can be equally important. Since you bothered to show up, you might as well pay attention.


Watch the Weather

It seems obvious, but it’s easy to forget to check the weather. Before you leave your house or dorm, make sure that your outfit is appropriate for the day. If you have to walk outside to get from class to class, you’ll want an umbrella if it rains. You don’t want your beautiful outfit to go to waste because you weren’t aware of the weather. Plus, getting sick will ruin your week and your drive to do well in class.

Make sure to keep healthy this school year. Do you have any tips to keep physically and mentally healthy during Fall? How do you usually handle your stress?

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I actually do have a few tips. Well the first one is not to just study every waking moment. Yes it's good to study but you need your you time as well. So don't over work yourself. When studying or working make sure that you give yourself an eating break. It's pointless to work on an empty stomach. Give yourself breaks to take a walk, talk, socialize, read etc. You might not realize it know but you truly need those breaks. Trust me I went the first week of community college without any breaks (except bathroom breaks) and I drove myself nuts. So please really take this advice seriously. Hope this helps!

Awesome article!

This is some really good advice..thank you !!

Love this article! Very considerate, thanks :)

Awesome article! Thanks

Great tips! Thanks!

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