6 Helpful Tips for Moms to Live a Healthy Lifestyle ...


Every mom round the globe behaves in a similar manner that they don't bother with their health. It is of course obvious to them, because once they form a beautiful family with children, their responsibilities and duties also increases. Although they are conscious that they need to take care of their health and are lacking out of stamina, they still continue working for their family.

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Plan Your Time

You always want to make sure that you are scheduling your household and office work within available time slots. You also want to try to wake up pretty early in the morning, especially if you are constantly running out of time! Also, avoid doing a lot of unnecessary tasks that might waste your time, I know we're all guilty of that!


Plan Ahead for Meals

Always make sure to include nutritious and balanced food in your diet and also take your meals on time, don't wait until you are extremely hungry, as that can be bad for your health. Moms, as much as you have on your plate, remember to eat, don't skip meals and also, drink a lot of water. Try to really drink fresh juices too, this will increase your stamina. Avoid a lot of oily and fatty foods and really eat a lot of veggies that are rich in fiber!


Get Your Checkup

Moms, you are so great about getting your kids to the doctor, but what about you? Get your blood pressure checked, as well as your sugar levels. Going for a regular medical checkup is huge and will ensure that you are healthy! Also, you may need to take some supplements and nutrients!


Mutual Share of Works

What happens when you have grown up children? Well, share the work! If there is something heavy that you are working with, enlist your kid's help and also your spouse. Sharing the workload with your children will also train them to help in the household responsibilities. Working together, as a family, is going to refresh your mind completely!


Fitness Care

Always make sure that you are spending at least 10 – 20 minutes every single day being active. Yoga is the best way to relax your mind, soul and body and exercise will improve your fitness and also keep you young and active. Have a small 'get away' gym at your home or even try to visit your local gym whenever you get time!


Have a Sound Sleep

Always try to get at least 6 – 8 hours of sound, continuous sleep at night, really try to avoid sleeping in and waking up really late in the morning, as it could disturb your regular activities. Mediation is a great way to turn your mind off and try to really play with your kids on the weekends. Be positive and happy moms, it's all about the attitude!

Apart from taking personal care towards their health, the moms in Europe can take the health facilities provided by EHIC (European Health Insurance Card). This is the free card giving access to state-provided health care in Europe. This insurance card can be accessed in 28 EU countries, including Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Lichtenstein. It will cover all the medical expenses of moms and facilitate them to have a healthy life. So, how do you stay healthy?

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