11 Herbs and Spices That Get Rid of Bloating Fast ...

One of the best ways to beat bloat is to eat certain herbs and spices that get rid of bloating. In fact, popping pills and supplements can do more harm than good. Instead, boil a cup of warm water and let it cool for about a minute. Then stir in some of these herbs or spices, just a dash or so, and add a squeeze of lemon. In no time, your bloat will be banished, and you’ll be feeling great. Certain foods also help beat bloating, but if you can’t stomach a meal, try some simple herbs and spices that get rid of bloating instead. These are simple to find, and delicious at that!

1. Cloves

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Cloves are one of the best herbs and spices that get rid of bloating, and they are wonderful for treating nausea as well. Cloves can stimulate digestive fluids that help move food along through the body, and break down hard to digest foods like protein, fats, and starch. Add just a dash of ground cloves, or let a few whole cloves steep instead. As a bonus, cloves contain antiviral properties, along with powerful mood enhancing antioxidants.

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