Foolproof Tricks for Those Who Want to Keep Their Teeth Pearly White ...


Foolproof Tricks for Those Who Want to Keep Their Teeth Pearly White ...
Foolproof Tricks for Those Who Want to Keep Their Teeth Pearly White ...

Not happy with your smile? Are your teeth stained and aching? If your answers are positive, it's definitely time you take firm control of your oral hygiene! Taking care of your teeth daily is important not just for the aesthetic purposes but also so that you are able to avoid future problems that might arise due to poor maintenance. Trust me, taking just 10 minutes out of your day will guarantee you a bright and beautiful smile!

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Brush Twice a Day

Brushing your teeth after every meal may not be completely feasible for most, but you should most definitely brush your teeth at least twice a day. It's a simple tip, but most people are not able to follow through with it. Brushing your teeth regularly ensures that you get rid of the collected plaque on the surface of your teeth. Just remember not to over-brush as you can wear down your enamel by vigorous brushing.


Remember to Floss

I actually didn't floss regularly until recently; I didn't view it as something essential to my oral hygiene routine. However, one day I decided to give it a try and was shocked at the amount of gunk that was stuck between my teeth! Ever since, I haven't missed a day. I insist you build a habit of flossing every night, to keep you gums healthy and your teeth pearly white!


Use MouthWash

Rinsing with mouthwash is not the most pleasant thing in the world, but necessary nonetheless. It seals in all of the cleaning that you've just done and kills leftover bacteria. Plus it keeps your breath fresh! And if you can't stand the burning sensation, there are mouthwashes without any alcohol content that should be gentler on your mouth.


Clean Your Tongue

Throughout the day, your tongue can collect plenty of bacteria resulting in a layer of white build up. The only way to get rid of that is to clean it on a daily basis! You can simply use your toothbrush or purchase tongue cleaners to scrape away the gunk. Neglecting to clean your tongue can only result in bad breath and nobody like bad breath!


Quit Unhealthy Habits

No whitening strips or visits to a doctor are going to help you maintain a beautiful smile if you don't kick your bad habits to the curb. By bad habits I mean drinking too much coffee and smoking, both of which lead to cavities, tooth decay and yellowing of the teeth. You get only one set of adult teeth so you have to prioritize!


Watch Your Diet

Your diet has a lot of influence on your oral hygiene. For example, eating sugary and acidic foods can result in gum disease, enamel erosion and worse. So keep your diet clean and your sugar intake to a minimum. You'll notice results even in your overall health!


Schedule Your Dentist Appointments

Personally, I dread dentist appointments. I usually do well with needles and other regular check up procedures, but dentist visits just make me really uncomfortable. So I can definitely relate if you are one of those people who hates going to the dentist. However, you must put your fears aside and get your butt to the dentist every six months, no excuses!

There is no crazy secret to a healthy and white smile, it's all about the effort you put into the maintenance of your teeth!

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A good tip is to drink through a straw whatever you are drinking obviously wait for hot drinks to cool a little

My teeth are white enough I think because I do all of these things (also except the dentist because I'm poor, but even when I was a kid and had regular visits, I had so many cavities), and I still get cavities like crazy. I've tried enamel protecting toothpaste, nothing really works for me.

The obvious 😂

You said it loud and clear, lazy people have poor teeth! So get your butt up and take care of your teeth :-)


@blanca that's proven to be false. It's just the scanner for the machines that seal the tube. Every manufacturer machine reads these codes and seals them in certain ways depending on the color code it reads. It has zero to do with the ingredients at all.

I had braces for four years and they require more care so I do all of this everyday except the dentist appointments lol.

@rebecca some teeth are more prone to cavities, it doesn't mean they aren't healthy or strong. It's mostly genetics! I have has tons of cavities despite being very anal about my brushing routine everyday. But I recently switched dentists (which in Canada are free and I don't get why it's not in the states) but he told me that whether you get cavities or not doesn't matter. Cavities can be filled. As long as you take care of the roots of your teeth and your mouth in general you'll be good in the long run. It's the roots that matters most, of you have no cavities but weak roots due to bad brushing habits or smoking, you can't fix them once they fall out. But cavities can always be filled. :)

u can't use mouthwash after you brush because it washes away all the cleaning you just did

Isn't this what most people do anyway hardly news

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