How Can You Make Your Environment Healthier?

By Tara

How Can You Make Your Environment Healthier?

By making your environment healthier you will also do your part in helping the planet with cleaner, healthier air! Easy, effective ways to make a change can start in your home. Banning smoking, installing a carbon monoxide detector, growing indoor plants, and opening your windows are just a few small changes you can do to make a big difference. These changes can better your quality of life so get started now with these easy and ultra-effective tips:

1 Ban Smoking

Ban Smoking The best way to combat air pollution in your home is to ban smoking in your home. If a visitor is a smoker just ask them kindly to smoke outside and make sure your window is not open close to where they are smoking. This is a simple and super effective way to make your environment healthier!

2 Install a Carbon Monoxide Detector

Install a Carbon Monoxide Detector Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas you cannot see so it is important to install a carbon monoxide detector to ensure your safety. And replace the batteries regularly because it is worthless without working batteries. This is another way to make your environment safer!

3 Grow Indoor Plants

Grow Indoor Plants Live plants act as natural filters inside your home so purchase several plants. And another huge benefit of plants is they absorb harmful pollution from furniture, carpet and even electronic equipment. So purchase a few plants to care for and in return they will care for you!

4 Choose Non -toxic Cleaners

Choose Non -toxic Cleaners Choose healthy non- toxic cleaners that will not pollute your home or the environment. And if you are uncertain in just what to choose, create your own cleaners. Vinegar and water is tremendous for cleaning windows and mirrors, for example. So get creative and make healthy solutions to save your family and the environment!

5 Turn off the Lights when Not Needed

Turn off the Lights when Not Needed Conserve energy and save on your electric bill by turning off the lights when they are not needed. Teach your children to adopt these same habits and explain just why it is so important to turn that switch off when it is not needed.

6 Open the Blinds

Open the Blinds Warm up your home in the cooler months to save energy, your environment and even some funds on your heating bill by opening up the blinds. Natural light is an effective way to warm up your home so open your blinds and let the sunshine in!

7 Turn off the Air Conditioning and Open the Windows

Turn off the Air Conditioning and Open the Windows Both spring, fall and even summer evenings are the perfect time to turn off the air conditioning and open the windows for some fresh air. You can save energy and some money for vacation by the small choice. So open the windows and let the fresh air in!

With these simple and effective choices it is time to make a change and save the environment you live in. We can all make a change and it starts in the comfort of our home!

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