How Lazy Girls Can Keep Themselves Healthy ...


How Lazy Girls Can Keep Themselves Healthy ...
How Lazy Girls Can Keep Themselves Healthy ...

Being lazy is a wonderful thing from time to time. It's great to take a chill out break and lay around with nothing on the agenda. If you find yourself in that state more often than most, then I'm a little jealous. If you don't particularly want to give up your lazy ways, but also want to be healthier, here's what you can do without having to sacrifice your time on the couch or in bed. Here's to great health now and forever.

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Buy Frozen Fruits and Veggies

person, clothing, blond, sense, photo shoot, Instead of having to go out all the time for fresh, freeze a bunch of produce and you'll always have something healthy to eat.


Make a Snack Box

person, muscle, screenshot, sense, Once a week, drag yourself off the couch and set up a box with healthy snacks. That way, all week long, you can just grab one and head back to your spot.


Use Your Slow Cooker

small appliance, product, kitchen appliance, GIFs, KitchenAid, Nothing is more perfect for a lazy girl than a slow cooker. Toss healthy ingredients in and several hours later you have a meal fit for a king.


Eat off Smaller Plates

person, mouth, screenshot, sense, interaction, This takes zero extra effort, but is a super easy way to help you control your portion sizes.


Exercise in Front of the TV

floor, flooring, awesome, San, Do some moves while you catch up on your programs and you can sort of be lazy while also getting healthy.


Sleep in Your Workout Gear

Sleep in Your Workout Gear If you are going to force yourself out of the house and to the gym, sleep in your workout clothes to slash the chance that you'll go back to bed.


Carry around a Water Bottle

clothing, Bring your water bottle to the couch and you'll easily be able to meet your daily fluid intake quotas for good health.


Make All of Your Lunches at One Time

human action, play, alde, Instead of having to sacrifice lazy time every night packing a lunch, prep them all on Sunday night and you can just grab and go in the morning.


Take Your Dog for a Walk

dog, mammal, vertebrate, dog breed group, dog like mammal, This most definitely counts as cardio and is something you need to do for your dog's health too.


Eat Slowly

human action, hair, face, nose, person, Lazy people unite! Turns out that lingering over a meal is a good thing because it allows you to tune into your hunger cues, preventing overeating.


Order It in

blond, muscle, finger, mouth, leg, Still too lazy to cook healthy meals? Consider ordering ready made healthy options that come right to your door. All you have to do is eat them!


Take Some Supplements

face, nose, red, beauty, mouth, This is the perfect lazy girl hack if you find yourself falling short on healthy eating.


Invite Your Friends over

room, play, Research shows that fostering close relationships boosts mood and improves your health. Get your lazy friends to help you get healthier!


Watch Some Comedy

person, blond, interaction, THER, If you're going to sit around in front of the TV anyway, put on something funny. Laughing burns more calories than just sitting.


Always Order the Small

dish, food, meal, restaurant, breakfast, Too lazy to cook? Make sure you order the small version of whatever you're getting for takeout. This saves calories and fat grams.


Start with a Salad

human action, hair, person, human positions, hairstyle, Eating a salad before you dive into your meal helps fill you up so eat less during the entree. And it takes no extra effort.


Go Back to Bed

brown hair, long hair, SLEEP!, Your body needs adequate sleep for proper immunity, appetite control and much more. So if you haven't gotten at least 7 hours, go back to bed.

Which of these lazy girl hacks is your favorite? Do you have any others to add to the list?

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Nice i think i do most of them!

The Gif used for #3 was scarily satisfying...

Received slow cooker for Xmas!! Carry on , lazybones 😉


Go back to bed is my favorite


I do most of these already great advice 👍👍

What about drink lots of water ?


I love♥️❤️ this so!!!!

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