What to Put in Your Bath to Help You Detox ...


What to Put in Your Bath to Help You Detox ...
What to Put in Your Bath to Help You Detox ...

There are a number of ways one can remove harmful toxins from the body – through diet, exercise and other detox practices – which apart from supplementation, are the main detox areas. Bathing is not only a soothing practice in itself, associated with rejuvenation, relaxation and meditative time, it is also a time for many people to soak aching, sore and tired muscles that have been overworked or put under stress during the day. Learn here how taking a bath can help you to detox:

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Epsom Salts

Take a 20-30 minute bath in warm water with 1 cup of Epsom salt and 1 cup of aluminium-free baking soda. The combination of the hot water, Epsom salt and baking soda draws out toxins (your skin is responsible for around 10% of toxin elimination). This bath also helps to replenish your magnesium supply, as many of us are magnesium-deficient thanks to our Western diets.

Detox baths with Epsom salts are an excellent way to combine a session of relaxation with a one of detoxification, and is a practice that has been around for a long time. Skin detoxification is an essential component of healthy living as this is one of the primary areas that we can benefit from eliminating toxins in our bodies.

There are many ingredients that can be used for detox baths, and many of them have different health benefits and depending on what you have at home, or what kinds of scents you like, you can choose from a number of them or combine them.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of those things that your Gran used to whip out at the sign of a sniff or a cough – and send you running for the hills. That and cod liver oil – shudder. But there is a reason your Gran and others swear by these ingredients, and they have been around for centuries. Apple cider vinegar is known for its brilliant detoxification properties and has roots way back in Far Eastern medicine practices.

Excellent for a liver detox as well as stimulating circulation and blood flow, apple cider vinegar is also packed with enzymes, minerals and vitamins our bodies need. And the acid complexes found to occur naturally within the vinegar have also been known to fight the uncomfortable symptoms of candida thrush infections, as well as acne, eczema and relieve joint pain.

Add a cup of Apple cider vinegar as well as a cup of Epsom salts to a nice hot bath to kick start a fantastic detoxification process.



Ginger is one of nature’s most powerful immune system boosting properties, with excellent healing properties that fight colds and flu. It has been many a pregnant woman’s saving grace during morning sickness and has been noted as having a positive effect on IBS as well as easing the pain and discomfort of menstrual cramps and headaches.

Not only is a ginger detox bath great for feelings of rejuvenation, it is the perfect cold and flu remedy – but prepare to sweat. Add half a cup of freshly grated ginger or a heaped teaspoon of ground ginger powder to your bathtub, get in and soak for at least 15 minutes, but 20 is great. You will sweat profusely during the bath and for about 2 hours after the bath – this is quite normal as your body pumps out all the toxins from your skin; not a good detox bath to take if you are about to go out for the evening. Drink plenty of water to replace the fluids you are losing and if you are feeling fluey, take a hot lemon drink and get straight into bed and go to sleep. When you wake up you will feel energized and there will be no trace of flu or that miserable cold at all.


Mustard Bath

When it comes to a good detox bath – Mustard bath preparation is your ‘’go to guy’’ and has been used for detoxification and toxin removal in traditional Ayurvedic Medicine since forever. An invigorating blend of refreshing essential oils like peppermint and rosemary as well as therapeutic eucalyptus oils blend perfectly with the mustard powder base providing the ultimate detox bath. It is a well-known preparation that is popular for use with tired and tender muscles associated with colds and flu – great for relieving that achy and tired body feeling when you are sick.

The essential oil blend helps to open up the nasal passages and relieve a congested chest and open up the sinus passages, helping your body sweat out the bad toxins in your lymphatic system.

When it comes to any detox program, make sure that you check it out with your healthcare professional first, as you may be sensitive or allergic to some of the natural detox bath ingredients. Be sure to drink plenty of water to help flush out your system, get plenty of rest and the addition of a healthy diet will do wonders for the entire process.

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