How to Boost Your Willpower for Eating Healthier ...

Willpower is a tricky thing. There are times when it’s super easy to forgo the sweet or fatty treat and stick to a healthier choice. Then there are other times, like when your boss yells at you or your kids are whiny, that your willpower goes out the window and next thing you know, you’ve eaten an entire pan of brownies or a whole bag of Doritos. Falling off track won’t kill you, but it’s important to get right back on. Then, use these tips next time you feel your willpower slipping and you won’t have to deal with the guilt later.

1. Give Yourself a Break Now and then

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Willpower is like muscle power. You don’t want it on all the time or you won’t have time to get stronger or recover. All the experts say that you have to take a break and let your willpower go now and then. Knowing that you have this chance makes it infinitely easier to stick with things the rest of the time. Choose a time when you’ll let your willpower go, such as Sunday brunch, then make sure you engage it the rest of the week. You’d be surprised at what this little vacay can do for you.

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