How to Calm down and De-stress after a Horrible Day ...


Having a horrible day is just the worst. It can be really difficult to leave that behind you and stop thinking about it. These tips on how to calm down and de-stress after a horrible day can help with that. You can be feeling better in no time.

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Mentally Change Gears by Taking in Your Surroundings at Home

Sometimes just reminding yourself that you’re home and away from the circumstances that caused your bad day can help. If your bad day was at school or work, you’re away from that when you get home. Reminding yourself that you’re in the safety of your home is comforting. Your home is your haven. Taking in the fact that you’re tucked in your own safe little corner of the world is helpful.


Take a Calming Bath with Your Favorite Bath Products

A calming bath can do wonders for the soul. You can practically feel stress melt away. Add your favorite bath salts or bubble bath and soak your cares away. Add in some dim lighting and you’ll feel like you’re at the spa. You can emerge from the tub a brand new woman.


Call a Friend and Share about Your Day

Sometimes you need to share what made your day so horrible in order to feel better. It can make you feel better to let it out. That’s when friends are so valuable. Call up one of your friends who’s a great listener and share what’s going on. Being there during the difficult times is part of what makes friendships so precious.


Have a Good Cry to Release All Those Pent-up Emotions

Sometimes you just need to release all your upset and negative emotions. A good cry can make you feel so much better. It doesn’t feel all that fun at the time to give in to the urge to cry, but it almost always makes you feel calmer. I’ve been in this spot before and will say a good cry leaves me feeling calmer. Things don’t seem nearly as bad afterward.


Treat Yourself at Your Favorite Restaurant

Treating yourself at your favorite restaurant can help to get your mind off of your troubles. Have some yummy food and forget the day’s troubles. You could also go shopping or lose yourself in a good movie. Distraction can help tremendously. Whatever makes you stop thinking of your troubles is a good choice.


Think of All the Wonderful Things in Your Life to Feel Happier

A horrible day does not equal a horrible life and that’s important to remember. Maybe your job is in the gutter but you’re in a great relationship. Maybe you’re constantly fighting with your mom but you’re acing your algebra class. Remind yourself of all the great things you’ve got going in your life. This can help lift your spirits.


Remind Yourself That Tomorrow’s a New Day and a Fresh Start

Horrible days do end. Things will look better tomorrow. It’s a new day and a fresh start. Just thinking about tomorrow being better can help you feel hopeful and not horrible. Expect good things and they’re more likely to happen.

These are some tips to help you calm down and de-stress after a horrible day. What do you do to deal when you have one of those days? Your tips could help others!

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Taking a nap when possible helps me.

Same here music as always for me

Thank you for this post. It was right on time !😊

Music always works for me

Great tips! Little vino while cooking relaxes me too Or a great workout

Good advice

I agree! I do these when I have s bad day! Tomorrow really is a new start!

I tried a diy food bath and it was soooo good.i could instantly feel my feet detoxing and the heat and tiredness was just oozing out from my feet

I'm going to try more of #6.

Here's a truly blissful way to rid yourself of all that doesn't serve you! Yoni steaming!

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