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Gyms can be a hot bed of germs and bacteria, but even your seemingly innocent run around the block isn’t free of germs. Most of the time, these germs are harmless or won’t get past your body’s defenses. On the other hand, they can make you really sick sometimes too. If you want to get the most out of your workout, you’ve got to make sure it’s germ free from start to finish. Here’s how to do it right.

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Take a Shower Immediately after You Exercise

No matter what kind of exercise you do, if you get sweaty you must shower right away. This washes off all the sweat, which can lead to breakouts, but it also eliminates any germs you picked up along the way. Use warm water and mild soap, which kills germs and gets rid of bacteria. That’s easy enough, right?


Wipe down Gym Equipment before and after Use

It’s good etiquette to wipe down the stuff you use when you’re done, but you can’t ensure that the person before you did that. Grab some antibacterial wipes and swipe them over the treadmill, the free weights and anything else you plan to touch. This will kill germs and give you a clean slate for your workout. Just make sure you wipe them down again when you’re done because that’s just good manners.


Bring Your Own Water Bottle so You Don’t Have to Use the Drinking Fountain

Here’s the nasty truth – some drinking fountains have more disgusting germs on them than a toilet seat. Gross, right? Instead of having to risk it and get a sip there when you get thirsty, bring a water bottle with you so that you can get a clean drink of water anytime you need one. Choose a bottle that has a lid so that the place you put your mouth is protected until you need a sip.


Wear Shoes, No Matter Where You Work out

Unless you are exercising at home, it’s vital to wear shoes. If you’re outdoors, it offers protection against stepping on something that that can hurt you and introduce icky germs into your body. If you’re at the gym, going barefoot can result in germs that cause athlete’s foot and other nasty skin conditions. Wear your shoes!


Always Use Your Own Exercise Mat

Never, ever use a communal exercise mat because they are crawling with germs. They rarely get wiped down, if they ever do, which means you’re doing a downward dog in the last girl’s sweat and grime. If you bring your own mat to the gym, you have a clean and safe place to exercise. Wipe it down before you roll it up so that you can get rid of germs from the floor.


Don’t Use Communal Towels Even if They Are Clean

Unless those towels are washed in hot water with bleach, they aren’t really all that clean. In fact, studies show that gym towels often contain E.coli and other nasty stuff. Don’t risk using it, even if it smells clean. Bring your own from home and you know you’re safe.


Keep Any Injuries You Have Covered While You Exercise

An open wound is a hot spot for attracting germs and bacteria. If you have a scrape or cut, make sure you keep it well covered while you exercise so that you prevent this from happening. A simple Band-Aid is usually enough to get the job done.

How do you stay safe while you exercise? Which of these tips will you start using today?

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