How to Stay Healthy 💪🏼 around Delish Thanksgiving 🍂🌰 Food ...

Wishing you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks to friends and family and with this we have a turkey, countless side dishes and numerous desserts. This celebratory day is a holiday loved by so many because of all the joy and gratitude. Although you may not eat completely healthy there are ways to skim the calories so you do not tip the scale. Remember one day will not break you but small changes can make a big difference for today and all the other parties, holidays and food feasts that come at this time of year. So take a page from my book with tips on how to stay healthy this Thanksgiving!

1. Start Turkey Day by Running for Your Turkey

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Start your Thanksgiving day with a turkey day run. This is an annual ritual in my life. There is nothing better than screaming Happy Thanksgiving to a bunch of running strangers and then running a race together. This is a great way to burn some calories that you will be consuming later and have a blast! Speaking of which, I need to register for my turkey day run today before registration closes!

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