7 Inflammatory Foods and Compelling Reasons to Avoid Them ...

Do you know if you’re eating inflammatory foods? Anti-inflammatory foods are gaining popularity as we become more informed of the effects of inflammatory foods and what they do to our body. Inflammation is a natural immune response and is initially beneficial. But, when inflammation is out of control, it’s thought to contribute to certain chronic illnesses, weight gain and even accelerate aging. Inflammation can happen internally and externally and while it’s easy to tell when something is inflamed on the outside from an injury, it’s not so easy to tell on the inside. Avoid the following inflammatory foods below to keep inflammation at bay.

1. Sugar

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One of the top inflammatory foods to avoid is anything sugary. Eating too much sugar can lead to weight gain, immune system impairment and even lead to diabetes down the line. While it’s good to consume some foods containing sugar in moderation, a diet with lots of sugar can exacerbate certain health conditions and, according to Dr. Perricone, can even make you look older than you are!

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