9 Interesting Facts about Honey ...


9 Interesting Facts about Honey ...
9 Interesting Facts about Honey ...

There were several intriguing facts about honey that I had no idea existed! Honey is something you should look into stocking up on, let me tell you! (Some say it's the thing to have in storage if you are preparing for the end of the world...) Here are nine facts about honey that will have you running to your local market to gather honey for a rainy day.

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Honey is Life Sustaining

While doing some research and digging up facts about honey, I stumbled upon a fact that could save my life one day! Did you know that honey is the only food source that contains everything you need to live? It contains anti oxidants, vitamins and minerals that we need, even water! So, if I am ever lost in the wilderness, I know that all I have to do to survive is find a bee hive, brave the bees, steal some honey and have what I need to survive. Well, now that I say that, it might be easier to just stay out of the wilderness...


Honey is Healthy

Honey contains enzymes that help your body digest food, which in turn, helps keep our immune systems working properly. It is also good for many other bodily functions, like bowel movements, weight loss, and bone health. Honey is also a healthy alternative to giving yourself that energy boost when you need it!


Honey is Medicinal

Many years ago, honey was regularly prescribed for health treatments. Today, honey is used for diaper rashes, stomach ulcers, burns, and even e. coli. Honey also helps with seasonal allergies, although they honey you are taking must be from the same area that you live to be useful in this manner. Honey has antibiotic properties that cure many wounds with infection. Honey has long been known to help relieve sore throats when mixed with lemon juice.


Honey Never Goes Bad

Honey can be kept forever. Seriously, you never have to throw honey out! In fact, honey was found in King Tut's tomb that was still good to eat!


Honey is Flavored Differently

Depending on what flowers a bee gathers pollen will decide the flavor your honey will have. Honey made from pollen gathered from clover will taste different from honey made with the pollen of wild flowers. It will also affect its color.


Honey Cures Acne

Using a jar of organic honey, you can cure your acne. Forget all those high priced acne cleansers and creams at the store. Nothing compares to the natural, curing honey treatment. Simply spoon some out into your hands, hold a few seconds to get it nice and warm and coat your face. Wait at least five minutes, and rinse with a soft, warm washcloth. In no time, you are sure to see the difference! If you want to just spot treat your acne, you can add a dab of honey on your blemish, place a bandage over it, and let it set for 30 minutes. Pretty simple, right?


Honey is Great for Skin

Do you have dry skin? Maybe a few wrinkles? Rubbing honey on your dry skin or into the wrinkles, leave on for 30 minutes and gently wash away with warm water. Honey is your very best friend, ladies!


Kills Parasites

Equal measurements of honey, vinegar and water mixed together and drank will kill unwanted parasites that may have invaded your body. Parasites are very harmful to your health and body, so if you have even the slightest though you might have parasites, you might try treating yourself with this mixture for a couple days. Hey, it can't hurt you.


Honey is Soothing

If you suffer from anxiety, nervousness, or the inability to get a good night's sleep, try honey. Drink a honey and water tea, or mix in a bowl of oats for a soothing treat that will calm your nerves and make you ready for some restful sleep. I find it rather funny that the very thing that can give you energy can also calm you down and help you rest and relax! Isn't that something?

Reading all these delicious facts about honey helped me learn the amazing importance of our honey bees. Only 4 kinds of bees actually make honey out of the hundreds of species existing, and it takes approximately 300 bees a lifetime to make just one pound of honey! This is not only a food source for us, but also their winter food source, so if you ever do rob a hive, remember to be kind to the bees and leave some for them!

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This is absolutely amazing. Super fun to read and learn from.

@Heather Jensen thank you Heather. It was very informative :))

I imagine honey would be hard to wash off, it's very thick, I would hate to accidentally get some in my hairline.

I agree with josefin, the word cures is misleading, acne is an extremely complex skin condition. It can help calm acne .

I've used honey for burns for years. Helps take away the pain as it heals. Love it!

Nice article!! I've just recently discovered the power of honey and another great Beehive product , the Propolis. I'm using them both to treat my acne, the line called "Hey Honey". LOVE IT!

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