Is Job Stress πŸ˜– Affecting Your Health πŸ€• ?

Is job stress affecting your health? Yes, stress is real and it happens to us all, but is what you're experiencing serious? Stress is a killer! Why? Because it’s physically and mentally unhealthy. Our mind and body’s health is essential to happiness.

The number one cause of stress in America is money. Where do we get our money? Our jobs. Ask yourself, how many times a week do you experience stress at work and then ask yourself is job stress affecting your health?

1. How do You Feel?

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Agitation, irritation, migraines, lack of sleep are all symptoms. Do you ever wake up with thoughts of work constantly on your mind? Do you experience sadness or feel overwhelmed? Have shortness of breath, rapid heart rate, anxiety or panic attacks, body trembles? Experiencing loss of desire, feeling guilty for taking breaks at work or from work? Do you feel guilty for spending time with friends or family because of work? Ask yourself is job stress affecting your health and chances are that if you have these symptoms, the answer is "yes."

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It may be a little scary if you identify with the above symptoms. You may not realize it, but these changes are directly related to work stress. It is helpful to jot down what you have been experiencing because it becomes real once you see it down on paper. Trust me!

3. Getting Help

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If you are still unsure, talk to your friends and family. That is how I realized my job was causing health issues due to stress.

4. Hitting Rock Bottom

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I experienced all of the above. I did not realize that work stress was affecting my health. I felt like I was in a sunken place - my job became my main focus. I was working long hours in a stressful environment, then would go home to work for another 4-8 hours. I looked and felt like a hot mess.

I stopped participating in the activities I loved, like spending time with family and friends, dressing up, along with doing nails and makeup. I was always feeling low and filled with worry. I did not recognize the person I had become. A mess.

5. Advocate for Yourself

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Unfortunately, my symptoms worsened and I had to consult my doctor. I had no idea I was under extreme stress from work.

6. Take Back Your Life

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I decided to do something because life's too short to allow anything to negatively affect your mind and body.

7. Tips and Tricks for Recovery

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Hydrate, take a walk, listen to music, reflect on what you want.
Take life one day at a time! Now take a bubble bath! Know that you are in control, you don’t have to take care of everything today. Figure out what you can control right now and do it!

Remember - you’re the only one who has to walk in your shoes each day so decide what is best for you - it is your world.

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