Keep Your Mind Active with These Unique Word Games You've Never Heard of ...

Word games are an excellent way to keep your mind active. It's well known that puzzles and word games exercise your mind and help you maintain mental fitness throughout your life. We don't pay nearly enough attention to exercising our brains, so try these word games to keep your mind active …

1. Letter Blocks

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Here's an apparently simple game that will tie your brain in knots, as you try to work out how to make words. But of course it's not that simple; you have to use the letters in the best possible way so that you can drop the blocks and score more points to take you to the next level. If it were that easy it wouldn't be a puzzle!

2. Cats in Spring

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There are lots of brain teasers at this site to keep your mind super fit! You need to work out the answers to the puzzles. I like the sound of Cats in Spring. When you've completed a brain teaser, there are thousands more for you to try. Do one a day, and you'll still never run out!

3. Writing in the Stars

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Are you bored with the same old crossword puzzles? Try this spin on an old favorite instead. You need to fit words into a star-shaped grid, which adds a little twist as you try to work out where the words fit. Is it as easy as you think? You'll have to try! You can actually set the level of difficulty anywhere from easy to difficult, so see if you can gradually tackle more complicated puzzles …

4. Broken Words

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Here's a different puzzle in which you have to fit groups of letters together to make words. Sounds easy … but the snag is that you're working against the clock! And the clock counts down pretty fast. So you've got to think fast if you're going to beat the clock. It's a good game if you want to sharpen your mind and learn to think more quickly.

5. Word Mahjong

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You may have played Mahjong with picture tiles, but have you ever played it with words? As with the regular game, you can only use letters that are free. To make things even more complicated, you are playing against the clock. So it's a good game for sharpening up your brain and learning to think faster!

6. Dictionary Devil

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Here's a fun little game from the Merriam-Webster dictionary - people who know all about words! You have to put the words in the right place so that the definitions are correct. It's an excellent game to test your knowledge of words and improve your vocabulary - and it's not as easy as you might think!

7. Universal Cryptogram

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Here's a puzzle that will really stretch your brain! You need to break the code and work out which letters are substituted for other letters. Fortunately there are some hints to help if you need it. And yes, it's against the clock, although given that the phrases are long you do get quite a long time to solve the puzzle.

So give your brain a thorough workout and stretch your mind with some of these word games. It'll help keep your brain as fit as your body! Our minds need exercise as much as our bodies do. What are your favorite puzzles or word games?

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