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Oh my – the female libido is a complicated animal. As if we didn’t already have enough to cope with trying a manage a body that throws us hormonal wobblies or which won’t respond to diet and exercise the way we’d like, we might have to contend with a libido that sends us on a roller coaster too. If you know more about your libido you can be more sympathetic to its vagaries but also understand how to deal with it if it throws you a curve ball.

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More Testosterone = Higher Libido

We all talk about testosterone when it comes to men's libidos, but what you might not know is that in younger women especially, there is a higher level of testosterone circulating in the body. This means that your libido will be higher in your younger years and is thought to be the reason for women's decreased sex drive in older age.


Aphrodisiac Foods Don't Exist

One of the biggest misconceptions and things to know about your libido is that aphrodisiac foods don't actually appear to work from a scientific point of view. We have all heard tales about things like oysters and asparagus working to make people feel more amorous, but the science tells us that aside from being a nice dinner, these foods do nothing to physically increase your libido. It's more psychological.


Women's Libido Peaks Later than Men's

It is not surprising to discover that a man's libido and sex drive peaks at the young age of eighteen, but what might be a bit of a shock is that for women the highest level of libido is said to be present a long while later, around the age of thirty-two. Of course, this is an average generalization but overall a woman's libido in her younger years has more to compete with including pregnancy, ovulation and potential pregnancy.


Don't Drink Too Much

Though drinking can often be part of a date night or romantic evening in, it is a fact that alcohol is actually really bad for libido in both men and women. Alcohol is a depressant that numbs the nervous system, and anything that works to decrease the blood flow in your body is counterproductive and detrimental to your sex drive and eventual ability to perform. It is recommended that you stick to a maximum of two drinks if you want your libido to be unaffected.


Libido Peaks during Ovulation

Of all the libido facts, this one reminds us most that ultimately, we are just like any other offspring bearing animal! Due to a combination of high levels of different hormones in our blood during this time, our libidos are always at their highest during ovulation. It's not hard to figure this one out, as our bodies are trying to make us as amorous as possible during our most convenient time to conceive.


Libido Increases during Pregnancy

And following on from libido during ovulation, should you get pregnant then you can expect your sex drive to stay at a higher than normal level for a full nine months! There are two reasons behind this raised libido, one being that the rush of hormones in your body will contribute to a higher level of desire, and the other being that without the worry of getting pregnant and having to really in birth control, women can relax and enjoy sex even more.


Are You on Antidepressants?

Most prescribed medications have absolutely no effect on one's libido; it is an unfortunate fact that antidepressants do have the potential to detrimentally affect your sex drive. If you are taking them and have been experiencing a lower level of libido, then this could definitely be the reason why. You may want to speak with your doctor about these side effects; hopefully through more research on the topic we can eventually eliminate the problem.

Thanks to Dr. Nancy Simpkins for this insight. Did you find it helpful?

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I have never achieved orgasm from penetration alone. Any tips or tricks to increase my chances? It seems so easy for everyone else! Lol

I must have some serious testosterone floating through my body😂! I'm past menopause and always have a strong libido!

I think when my libido decreases, after ovulation, I retain a lot of water. I do not know why this is but it happens every month and I fee like a swollen mammoth, even when I drink lots of water. Any advice to lower water retention?

Thanks for the advice guys!

I totally agree wit 6, am confused during my pregnancy I really can't resist my feelings, whn ever I set my eyes on my husband.

If alcoholic beverages decrease libido, why do so many people blame hookups on the alcohol?

Chance, switch to a position where you can play with yourself while he penetrates you one good one is where he is standing by the edge of the bed and you lie on the edge, try it out, you'll like I'm sure!

@ chance may b ur too tense try to relax snd enjoy ur self

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