9 Lifesaving Future Tech Innovations ...

Lifesaving tech innovations such as advanced blood pressure monitors and ECG machines have been extremely popular – and obviously practical - in the recent past. As science continues to progress, new and improved technologies are emerging, some of which look like they’re straight out of a sci-fi movie. Here are just 7 lifesaving tech innovations we should be looking forward to.

1. AI and Medical Decision Making

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One of the most invaluable and lifesaving tech innovations to be expected has to do with AI (artificial intelligence) integration into medical decision making. Supercomputers are already used by some institutions, the most advanced models having the ability to process more than 200 million pages of medical data per second!

2. Wearable Medical Gadgets

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The medical industry is the perfect application for wearable technology, and there are a lot of amazing gadgets coming out that are expected to transform medical diagnostics. Some prototypes deal strictly with measuring temperature and blood pressure, while others can also detect infections, allergies and uncommon diseases at an early stage. Imagine your bra scolding you for having too much caffeine!

3. 3D Printing and Medicine

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3D printing is one of the most impressive lifesaving tech innovations. Its widespread applications are expected to include the production of heart, liver and kidney tissue, the manufacturing of medical devices in undeveloped regions of the globe, and the customization of exoskeletons and lifelike prostheses.

4. Artificial Brains

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Another potentially lifesaving tech innovation is the creation of artificial brain tissue. Scientists and bioengineers have recently managed to create petri dish-grown neurons and brain tissue similar to rat brains. They expect to find answers to anything from treating depression to Alzheimer’s, brain tumors and extensive brain trauma.

5. Free Genome Sequencing

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The future may show patients receiving medication specifically customized to their genetic code due to personal genomics being available to all. In fact, personal genome sequencing is expected to gradually decrease in cost, and even become free in a few years.

6. Robot Doctors

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Believe it or not, robot doctors are here, and the most advanced surgeon robot has already performed more than 20,000 surgeries. Service robots are also expected to reach the healthcare sector in full force, and at some point, they may even replace the friendly face of your family physician. I'm not sure I'm actually looking forward to this.

7. Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Equipment

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Advanced imaging technology also has a bright future as one of the lifesaving tech innovations. New imaging devices will be much smaller, as well as more portable and practical, and engineers already seek to take them to a new level through augmented reality technologies and 3D projection.

8. Implants in Plants

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One lifesaving technology that isn’t associated with medicine is expected to increase the food supply of the future through advanced chip implants inserted into growing plants. These chips will be meant to provide information on their growth cycles, health, and needs involving watering and sunlight.

9. Anti-Bleeding Gel

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Finally, an innovation that will quite possibly save many lives during emergencies is anti-bleeding gel. This gel has already been developed and is expected to have widespread applications in the future, due to its ability to stop bleeding instantly.

Many other projects are also underway, as medicine has been making huge leaps forward and is expected to continue doing so in the next few decades. Which of these innovations do you think engineers and medical experts should focus on the most?


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