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Look Here for the Diet Soda Vs. Unsweetened Iced Tea Debate ...

By Leiann

Watch to learn 2 options... One might be good as is calorie-free sugar-free and you like the taste, where the other is sugar-free and calorie-free with many health benefits.

As for diet soda, I feel like it is a treat in moderation. I also like the taste. At least, I am not drinking a 12-pack of Coca-Cola every day. Right? Also, at least I am not getting drunk.

The unsweetened iced tea may not taste as good but has many health benefits. Also, with unsweetened iced tea, you are saving money. You can get a box of tea bags for around a dollar or two, your kitchen sink water is mostly free and a good pitcher is all you need. All you need are about 5 tea bags per batch.

So, what is a woman to do? Weigh your pros and cons.

I hope you liked the video. Cheers!

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