Low Libido? Foods That Can Kill Your Sex Drive ...

When foods are talked about as being an aphrodisiac or a libido suppressant, it is because they are believed to have an impact on the production of testosterone. In both men and women, testosterone is the hormone that governs the sex drive. Nutrients in food affect the activity of aromatase, an enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen, and the lower the level of testosterone, the lower the libido. If you’re not getting your groove on often enough, what you’re eating may be contributing. Avoid these libido-suppressing foods and get your sex mojo back.

1. Cheese

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Cheese is top of the list of foods that affect your libido. Talking specifically about cheese that is derived from cow’s milk, the products can often be packed full of synthetic hormones which, once ingested into your body, can work to mess with the natural production of your own hormones including, vitally, testosterone and estrogen.

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