4 Major Benefits of Maca Root ...


4 Major Benefits of Maca Root ...
4 Major Benefits of Maca Root ...

Maca is a plant that is grown mainly in Central Peru and has become quite popular in the past few years. Maca root has various benefits, and people consume it to improve stamina, energy, and sex drive. The root is usually dried and can be consumed in the form of powder, but you can also find it as a supplement at stores and pharmacies. If you are thinking of using Maca root and are skeptical about it, then this article is for you. Let’s have a look at a few of the major benefits maca peruana provides.

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Increases Libido

One of the main reasons for which maca root is popular is that it helps increase libido (sexual drive) in both men and women. A study was conducted in 2003, in which two groups of people participated. One group was given a placebo while the other group was given maca. The results of the study showed that the group that was given maca experienced an increase in their sexual drive. Losing their libido is a problem a lot of people face. Especially in marriage, a couple can sometimes lose interest in each other physically, and maca root supplements can help with that.


Boosts Energy and Endurance in Sportsmen

Maca is also quite popular among athletes as it is known to boost energy and endurance among humans. Maca also improves your strength and helps you gain more muscle, which is why it is not just popular among sportspeople but bodybuilders as well. A study was conducted with a group of cyclists who were asked to take maca supplements regularly for two weeks. The result of that study showed that it took significantly less time for those cyclists to cover a distance of 40 kilometers. However, even though a lot of people have come forward that maca has helped them improve their muscle mass, there are no scientific studies to prove that claim.


Sun Protection

UV rays can harm our skins in several ways, and these days’ people are always looking for different kinds of sunscreens to protect themselves from these harmful rays. If your skin is exposed too much to the UV rays, you will start developing wrinkles or worse as it can cause skin cancer as well. According to some studies, there is some evidence that applying maca extracts on your skin can actually help you fight UV rays. It has polyphenol antioxidants and glucosinolates, which help your skin reflect the UV rays. It is no sunscreen, but if you don’t like using sunscreens, it could be a decent alternative.


Helps with Menopause

A great benefit of Maca root for females is that it helps relieve the symptoms of menopause. For women, menopause is a great time because they finally get rid of their menstrual periods for good. However, when menopause starts, the decrease in estrogen levels can cause some unpleasant symptoms. These symptoms include mood swings, sleep disorders, and hot flashes. Using a maca supplement can help women relieve these symptoms.

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