7 Memory Boosters That'll Keep Your Mind Alert ...


7 Memory Boosters That'll Keep Your Mind Alert ...
7 Memory Boosters That'll Keep Your Mind Alert ...

Have you noticed you have been forgetting to do things lately? Simple tasks that slip your mind when you always remembered before. Some blame this decline with age, others feel it is because of mental overload on their schedule. Is this something we have to accept or are there ways to combat this? Well if you try these memory boosters you can be amazed yourself at just how you can keep your mind alert and remember. So follow these tips and spark that keen memory today and for many years to come!

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Exercise Exercise heightens your awareness, brings mental clarity, and betters your health. Studies have proven that people that workout have greater short term and long term memories. I always found I studies best when listening to a college lecture while I ran; it was almost a guaranteed perfect score every time. Aim for 30-45 minutes of exercise for 5-6 days per week!


Eating Healthy

Eating Healthy If you are eating healthy and making the right choices for your body, aside from slipping down and looking amazing, you will boost your memory. Proper nutrition can help to sharpen your brain and have you remembering more and for longer. So strengthen your arteries and your mind with healthy nutrition!


Nap Time Rocks

Nap Time Rocks If you have a late afternoon drop in your energy levels you can greatly benefit from a short nap session. Just 15 minutes of snooze time can help you to rest your body and mind. And you will wake up thinking clearer and remembering more! So have a short snooze session and give that mind time to relax!



Caffeine 1 cup of coffee or tea can improve your cognitive function, this is proven to be especially true in the elderly. I do not recommend exceeding this one cup a day because caffeine is a stimulant to your nervous system. But 1 cup a day can help you to wake up those senses and get moving!


Switch out Your Schedule

Switch out Your Schedule We often get into a schedule that our bodies and minds adjust to on a daily basis. If you are like me and follow routine, you can practically live out your day with your eyes closed. But this is not always good because you are not challenging the mind. Switch up your day and think about what you have to do next. The guesswork will wake up that brain of yours almost immediately!


Decrease the Alcoholic Beverages

Decrease the Alcoholic Beverages It is not shocker that alcohol can obstruct your brain communication pathways, this is a good explanation of why we feel so foggy when we drink. Your cognitive functioning can benefit greatly from decreasing or eliminating the alcoholic beverages.


Get to Bed Early

Get to Bed Early Get to bed earlier and at the same time every day. You will awake feeling far better, more alert and you will even find yourself remembering more. Aim for the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep daily and turn off all lights so you are in a deep, dark sleep. Your brain will thank you with a surge of memory power the following day!

With these simple and effective memory boosters, it is so easy to get on track to thinking like a Brainiac. So follow along and be amazed in just how great you will feel!

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