7 Memory Boosters That'll Keep Your Mind Alert ...

Have you noticed you have been forgetting to do things lately? Simple tasks that slip your mind when you always remembered before. Some blame this decline with age, others feel it is because of mental overload on their schedule. Is this something we have to accept or are there ways to combat this? Well if you try these memory boosters you can be amazed yourself at just how you can keep your mind alert and remember. So follow these tips and spark that keen memory today and for many years to come!

1. Exercise

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Exercise heightens your awareness, brings mental clarity, and betters your health. Studies have proven that people that workout have greater short term and long term memories. I always found I studies best when listening to a college lecture while I ran; it was almost a guaranteed perfect score every time. Aim for 30-45 minutes of exercise for 5-6 days per week!

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