7 Mentalities That Keep You from Getting Healthy and How to Fix Them ...

When you’re getting healthy, it’s normal to feel defeated from time to time. If getting healthy was so easy, everyone would be doing it! But instead of getting bogged down in why you can’t achieve your dream body, it’s much better to focus on the positive changes you’ve made that have initiated weight loss and helped you live a healthy lifestyle. Next time negative thinking comes your way, use any of these tips and tricks to banish the mentalities that are keeping you from getting healthy.

1. “I’ll Never Look like Her.”

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One of the main reasons you might be getting healthy is to look more like a celebrity you admire or even someone that isn’t famous. But instead of comparing yourself to photoshopped images and people who have unlimited budgets to spend on their physiques, think about how far you’ve personally come on your own health and fitness journey. Comparing yourself is a negative mentality that will only leave you defeated—focus on thoughts that make you feel empowered!

2. “I Have a Slow Metabolism.”

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I hate to break it to you, but unless you have a medical condition or metabolic disorder, chances are you don’t have a slow metabolism. A slow metabolism might sound like a good excuse to keep you from getting healthy, but it creates the mindset that you’re doomed, that no matter what you do you’ll never be able to lose weight. For a lot of people, ‘slow metabolisms’ are really a consequence of crash dieting, food intolerances, and inconsistent exercise patterns. Try eating smaller meals throughout the day or interval training at the gym to see if this helps.

3. “Diets and Exercise Never Work for Me.”

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Of course diets and exercise don’t work for me. They also don’t work for a majority of people! Most people who crash diet and exercise will regain all the weight they lost when they stop the diet. Instead of thinking about diets as a phase in your life, think about them as a life long journey. You’re not eating healthfully for two weeks—you’re eating healthfully for life. Make small, gradual, and sustainable changes in your eating and exercise habits instead of adopting an ‘all or nothing’ approach.

4. “I’m Just Naturally Big Boned.”

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This is another fallacy that simply isn’t true. Contrary to popular belief, few people have large bone structures that prevent them from losing weight. When you adopt this mentality, you’re simply giving yourself another excuse to live an unhealthy lifestyle.

5. “I Have No Self-discipline or Self-control.”

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Living healthy isn’t about self-discipline or self-control. It’s about giving yourself the tools and opportunities to survive. If you believe that you won’t succeed, this negative thinking is only going to hinder your hard work and efforts. Instead of focusing on will power, make living a healthy lifestyle an effortless part of your life that doesn’t require struggle.

6. “Healthy Food Doesn’t Taste Good to Me.”

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Have you even tried making healthy food? There are loads of healthy recipes and food blogs out there that provide plenty of tasty, but health-conscious dishes. Maybe the only thing that’s keeping you from eating better is a simple Pinterest session. Also remember that if you’ve been eating poorly for a while, it does take some time for your taste buds to grow acclimated to the taste of real, natural foods.

7. “I Don’t Have the Time to Wake up Early and Workout or Pack My Meals Ahead of Time.”

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Who says you need to work out at 6 am every morning or meal prep for the week? Getting healthy isn’t about what fitness fad the celebrities are trying, it’s about what works for you. If morning workouts aren’t your thing, exercising in the evening is no problem. Also remember that meal prepping ahead of time doesn’t need to be for every single meal you eat. Simply prepping all your lunches for work or school for the week is a good start!

You’ve banished the chips and soda. But have you banished the unhealthy mentality? Getting healthy all comes down to one very important thing: your mindset. What do you do when negative thoughts are interfering with your health and fitness goals?

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