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7 Morning Hacks That Will Let You Sleep for Longer ...

By Lucy

Have you been waking up quite early in the morning as of recently? If so, stop this routine in its tracks by following these easy hacks to ensure your beauty sleep last for longer! What helps you to sleep for longer in the morning?

1 Wear a Sleep Mask Each Morning

clothing, footwear, leg, fashion, glasses,Sleep masks are amazing for keeping our eyes hidden from the morning light, so using one of these is essential for sleeping longer! They are super cheap to buy and they're especially helpful if your bedroom tends to see the morning light and brightens fairly early!

2 Make Your Room Very Dark

black, furniture, product, hairstyle, sitting,If you have a Roman blind in your bedroom, it's super helpful if it's a dark colour (like brown or even black), has lining underneath the fabric and is a special 'blackout' style that is supposed to be especially opaque to keep the sun from creeping through in the morning and disrupting your beauty sleep!


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3 Enjoy a Brand New Mattress

room, furniture, duvet cover, product, bed sheet,Sleeping on an old or uncomfortable mattress is an easy way for us to toss and turn on many sleepless nights as well as waking up early in the morning. Solve this by simply buying a new one that has plenty of support and spring in it so that it's super comfortable and allows you to sleep for longer each morning!

4 Don't Check Your Electronics

meal, breakfast, dish, brunch, food,Although it may be super tempting to check your phone or laptop or any texts, notifications or emails if you happen to wake up early, this can actually stop you from getting back to sleep. This is because our eyes associate any form of light with day time, so even a quick check of electronics is enough to wake your body up for good! It's time to resist the urge!

5 Use Earplugs for Noise

clothing, person, undergarment, active undergarment, underpants,If you have trouble sleeping for longer in the morning and haven't tried using earplugs yet, now is the time! If there's a lot of noise in your house (such as traffic outside or others getting ready for the day) it's easy to be woken up and end up with a disturbed sleep. Use earplugs to try block the noise out and sleep for longer every time!

6 Suss out the Room Temperature

human action, white, sitting, spring,The temperature of your room can also be a huge influence on whether you tend to sleep in or wake up early. Suss this out by relating to the seasons and change your routine as they change. For example, if it's summer where you live it may help to keep a quiet or silent fan running overnight to keep your room cool in the morning, or if it's winter set an oil heater to 'low' and leave this going so your room isn't freezing in the morning!

7 Have It Your Way

human positions, sitting, furniture, leg, bed,Are you someone who likes to sleep on top of the sheets, under sheets or with heaps of blankets piled on your bed? It's time to find out! Try sleeping with different amounts of blankets and see what you like best. This might seem obvious but having your bedding the way you like is a really good way to sleep for longer in the morning!

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