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The morning is one of the times your brain is most receptive, rested and re-energized after a good night’s sleep, so the morning is a great time to improve your mind. Once you have stumbled your way, bleary eyed to the shower, shaken off the vestiges of sleep and are raring to face the day ahead, take some time to sharpen your senses, upgrade your intelligence and improve your mind. Okay, so it might mean getting up a little earlier than you’ve been used to, but there are more benefits to getting up early than just improving your mind, so it’s a win-win all round.

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Read the Newspaper

When was the last time you sat and read the news? Sure you probably watch the news headlines on the TV, but unless you watch full length news programs you can’t really get a grasp of what’s going on in the world. Make a healthy nutritious breakfast, your favorite beverage and read the newspaper. This provides a gentle warm up for your brain, making you more alert and of course, it’s an easy way to improve your mind. It’s not jarring to a peaceful morning routine and you can even do it in your garden or in a park on the way to work.



Some people swear by doing their workouts in the morning and for good reason. If you fit in your workout first thing in the morning it becomes a surefire thing because you won’t have to worry about finding time for it later in the day, fighting against an impossibly busy schedule. Morning exercise has many benefits. It gets your blood pumping, fires up your metabolism and shakes off any grogginess from sleep. How does early morning exercise improve your mind? The waves of blue-light in sunlight are a cue to increased alertness, so it’s even better if you can do your workout outdoors.



To keep it sharp, your brain needs fuel as much as it needs information to process. It’s for good reason that many people believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You need a breakfast that feeds and stimulates your brain, and keeps you full till lunchtime so you don’t reach for unhealthy snacks mid-morning. Preparing a healthy nutritious breakfast will set you up mentally and physically for the day, so instead of grabbing a bowl of sugary cereal, invest a little time in preparing some scrambled eggs, a veggie egg white omelette or some yogurt and berries. Avocado spread on whole grain toast is another goodie.



Puzzles like crosswords, sudoku and word searches aren’t just for entertainment. If you want to improve your mind and blow the cobwebs from your brain, find time to challenge yourself with some puzzles as you sip your coffee or smoothie. Your might even learn some new words which takes me to my next point.


Improve Your Vocabulary

It’s become habit for most of us to check our emails in the morning, so why not harness the power of free education by signing up to a “word of the day” email subscription. It’s quick and easy to do and you can learn the word by repeating it and its meaning to yourself throughout the day. I like this service because there are quizzes and tests if you have a little extra time to challenge yourself.



There is nothing about writing that is mindless and therefore, writing will always improve your mind. Sharpen your mind and wake up your brain by writing first thing in the morning. Make your to-do list, answer your correspondence or write in a journal. Your to-do list is a great choice because you’ve already taken some stress out of your day by knowing exactly what your goals are and what you need to achieve. Give your brain a break from stress so it can concentrate on driving you forward.


Use Your Commute

If you don’t want to get up earlier than you already do, you can use your commute to improve your mind. Do you normally listen to music on your car radio/CD player, have your MP3 plugged in on the bus or train? So many of us do! How about switching off the music and pursuing something a little more intellectual instead? Tune your radio to a news station or current affairs program and learn more about the world. Radio discussion/talk shows really stimulate your brain because you’re a captive audience and the discussion will get you thinking about how you feel about the issues. If not a radio show, audio books are a great alternative. Whether you choose a textbook for your classes or a novel, audio books are a way of improving your brain while you’re physically doing something else.

Your morning rituals are such a pointer for how the rest of your day will proceed. Spend some time to improve your mind first thing and you’ll be surprised how much easier the rest of your life falls into place throughout the day. What are your morning rituals? Do you give thought as to how they affect your day and your mind and body?

If you’re interested in adding these morning rituals to improve your mind to your day but you’re not much of a morning person, check out these tips lifestyle.allwomenstalk.com.

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I usually meditate in the morning. And it gives me a deeper insight about something.


How can reading the newspaper help?! By starting your day off with negative filled information? No thank you.

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