7 Most Germ-filled Items in Your Home Right Now ...

Have you ever stopped and thought about some of the germ filled items in your home? I know it’s not something we want to think about, but it is something to definitely be aware of. We come across and handle so many germ filled items and surfaces at home or work that we don’t even realize. Now, this isn’t to try and gross you out or scare you, but since there are a number of things in our homes that are germ hot spots, I wanted to share the seven most germ filled items in your home with you so we can all be more careful.

1. Your Purse and Wallet

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I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a problem with setting my purse on the floor of a restaurant. I don’t love doing it and wish there were another way for me to comfortably enjoy my meal, but I do it because there’s no room for it and I don’t carry one of those purse hanger hooks. But anyone who places their purse on the ground is also picking up whatever debris and bacteria is on the floor, so it ends up being one of the germ filled items in your home. Wallets are dirty because paper money is generally very dirty. After you handle your wallet, make sure you wash your hands. As for your purse, if there is any way you can hang it or set it on a seat, opt for that rather than the floor.

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