7 Most Recommended Tricks to Improve Your Memory ...

If you have ever wondered if there are simple tricks to improve your memory, there are! Nothing is more enervating than forgetting where you placed your keys or losing something when you need it the most. However, instead of just letting your memory deteriorate away, you can work your muscles in your brain! Here are 7 recommended tricks to improve your memory.

1. Brain Games

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Experts have actually conducted experiments to see if there is a correlation between playing brain games and improved memory. And although they did prove that games like Sudoku and crosswords can help, they are not sure why that phenomenon occurs. However until there is further information, there is no harm in challenging your brain. One way to do that is to try out the brain-training app Lumosity which was created by neuroscientists from Harvard, Stanford and the University of California. It’s one of the most fun tricks to improve your memory!

2. Mnemonic Devices

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β€œThese are basically memory tools that give meaning and organization to a random group of words or concepts.” (foxnews.com) You can use mnemonic devices like acronyms, visuals or rhymes in order to remember anything you need. Through personal experience, mnemonic devices have worked efficiently when I tried to remember SAT words. Everyone knows there is no use in trying to remember vocabulary because the next day, you won’t remember any of them. However with the use of books that use mnemonic visuals for each vocabulary and help remember each word with providing exaggerated visualization, I was able to remember words for the long run!

3. Get More Sleep

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When it comes to memory, sleep is crucial. Researchers have discovered that losing half of the usual amount of your sleep can erode your memory! During a sleep of about eight hours of more, your brain shifts memory from temporary into long term storage, which can explain why lack of sleep can cause you to become forgetful. So if you are looking for ways to improve your memory, organize your schedule to fit in at least eight hours of sleep every night!

4. Lead a Healthy Life

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Your memory reflects your inner health and if you don’t exercise and eat the right foods, your brain function would decrease. Memory superfoods, which include antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, can actually protect your brain from noxious free radicals. Likewise an increase in exercise can positively influence your memory and yield big mental benefits!

5. Learn Songs

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One of the fun ways to improve your memory is to learn the lyrics to your favorite song! Learning lyrics to songs can work your auditory and verbal memory without making it seem like hard brain work. Constantly working and challenging your brain can help boost your brain activity and prevent your memory from deteriorating in the long run.

6. No Multitasking

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One of the reasons why you can’t remember where you placed most of your stuff or what task your mother told you to do was because you weren't paying attention and was multitasking instead. In order to change that, next time you place your wallet on a dresser, tell yourself β€˜I am putting my wallet on my dresser’. It takes about eight seconds to register information in your memory, which is why it’s important to avoid doing things all at once; focus on each separately.

7. Use Your Hands

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Believe it or not, but using your hands in a meaningful way while trying to learn a concept, can effectively help you remember information! You will be able to store that information and recall it in the future easily, just by remembering it with your hand movements. Try it out yourself and see if this memory trick works for you.

With so many things happening in your life, it’s hard to keep up and remember everything. Even in school trying to shove a myriad of information in your brain can often be arduous, but these tips and tricks should give you an easier time! What are some of your tips for working on your memory? Share them in the comments!

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