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Motivational Water Bottles for Girls Who Hate to Drink  ...

By Eliza

Your body needs plenty of water to stay healthy and hydrated. Dehydration can be a deadly condition so you want to make sure you sip often throughout the day. If you're someone who simply doesn't like the taste of water, you need a kick in the pants. Try carrying one of these motivational water bottles and getting your daily quota won't be so hard anymore.

1 Attitude is a Little Thing

Attitude is a Little

2 Water Tracker


3 Spread Good Vibes

Spread Good

4 Totally Focused


5 Motivational Words


6 Christian Motivation


7 Livin' the Chug Life

Livin' the Chug

8 Explore

9 Trust in the Lord

Trust in the

10 The Work is Worth It

The Work is Worth

11 Do What You Can

Do What You

12 Patience is the Key to Joy

Patience is the Key to

13 Just Breathe


14 Running Inspo


15 More Cardio, Less Lardio

More Cardio, Less

16 Love, Live, Hope, Laugh

Love, Live, Hope,

17 Don't Give up

Don't Give

Which one motivates you to drink more water?

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