9 Natural Aromas for Women Who Want to Lift Their Mood at Once


Feeling down in the dumps? Having a tough day? Would you believe that smelling something can actually make you happier? There's a lot of research that links your mood to certain scents. Once you know what they are, you can incorporate them into your routine so that you always feel your best. Try any of these.

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Bergamot Orange

Studies show that the fresh scent of orange can make you feel instantly better. This version has a slightly spicy undertone that helps you feel social and happy. Use it when you're feeling lonely or are stuck at home when your besties are out on the town.



This is probably one of the most popular scents used in the art of aromatherapy. For good reason too. Lavender is perfect for reducing stress since it helps battle anxiety and leaves you feeling relaxed and happy, even on the worst days.



This is one of my faves! Grapefruit makes me think of lazy summer days, which always makes me happy. It also plays a role in the brain activity that controls optimism and self-confidence. Use grapefruit at work to boost your mood on the job and help you work well with others.



When you find that your mood is interfering with your memory, you need basil in your life. Not only can it boost your retention of information, but the fresh scent helps you feel happier anytime you smell it. Keep a fresh basil plant on your windowsill so you can instantly feel better anytime of the day or night.


Roman Chamomile

The warm, sweet smell of this plant is what makes it so special. It's been shown to improve sleep quality and we all know that getting enough sleep makes anyone feel happier. Roman chamomile is also great for times when you feel super frustrated or are afraid you'll go crazy at the worst time possible.



Everyone loves the smell of a bunch of roses, right? Turns out that scent is great for boosting mood too. Studies show that it helps you tune into yourself and be a little more laid back, which can induce relaxation and a better mood. When you smell roses, you may instantly have a better outlook on life. Tell your significant other to buy you a bouquet today!


Ylang Ylang

It might not be easy to say, but it sure is easy to use for happiness. This plant is a natural aphrodisiac and you know full well how great you feel when you have a positive intimate relationship with someone. If you're feeling down about your relationship, bring home some ylang ylang, stat!



Rosemary isn't just for cooking with, though the taste of it as part of a wonderful meal is likely enough to make you feel better. However, experts say that rosemary helps activate your nervous system, helping you feel peppier and more productive. A fresh rosemary plant in your office is a wonderful choice.



Frankincense doesn't get that much attention, but it should. It has the ability to reduce anxiety, fear and general discomfort. When you're feeling rushed, stressed and frustrated, a whiff of frankincense can help you get to a better place and lift your mood at the same time.

What scents make you feel good? Which of these do you want to try?

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