11 Natural Stimulants That Are a Better ALTERNATIVE to Energy Drinks ...

Don’t turn to the Red Bull just yet if you’re short on energy, but instead try some natural stimulants that are much safer for you, don’t contain additives and excess sugars, preservatives, artificial sweeteners or food dyes. These natural stimulants are made from whole foods, and some of the most powerful stimulants of the world, in the most natural way possible. They won’t give you jitters in a moderate amount, and they even provide the body with an array of natural health benefits. Try these today and enjoy just how wonderful they can be for you!

1. Cacao Powder or Nibs

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Cacao is by far my favorite of all natural stimulants. I mean, after all, it is chocolate! Cacao is rich in antioxidants, iron, magnesium, B vitamins, zinc, and Vitamin C. Iron, magnesium and zinc in cacao are used to fight off disease and enhance the mood. Plus, since cacao contains natural energizing stimulants, with over 200 just to be exact, it is in fact one of the most powerful natural foods on the planet. Add cacao powder or nibs to any smoothie, dessert, baked good, or drink. I love to use it in my homemade energy bars, smoothies, and it goes great in some almond milk heated with stevia to make a healthy hot chocolate. Cacao also stimulates the metabolism, promotes healthy cellular turnover, increases the immune system and curbs your appetite.

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