13 Natural Ways to Take Care of Your Mood Health Each Day ...


13 Natural Ways to Take Care of Your Mood Health Each Day ...
13 Natural Ways to Take Care of Your Mood Health Each Day ...

There are some pretty simple ways to take care of your mood most anyone can follow, and that are easy enough to do daily. Most of the time, we go for the worst case scenario when we are trying to figure out what is wrong with our mood. We focus on one or two things, when really, the answer is quite simple. Consider some of the ways to take care of your mood below. I bet in just a week or two, you’ll feel like a whole new person!

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Prioritize Rest

When you’re looking for ways to take care of your mood, never eliminate sleep as an option! Your hormones can not function properly without it, and your mood will suffer if you do. Prioritize rest and get at least 7-9 hours however possible. Oh, and naps do count if you’re wondering!


Exercise First Thing

One easy way to boost your mood is to move your sweat sessions to mornings instead of night time. I know, I know- it’s so hard, right? Trust me once you get into the habit, your mood will thank you big time! Exercising first thing in the day can help normalize your appetite, regulate your mood, and increase your hormonal functions all day long. This helps you combat stress, overeating, and spikes your metabolism.


Eat More Natural Foods

One really simple way to take care of your mood is just to eat more natural foods. Forget all the boxed and packaged stuff. Just eat simple, and you’ll think more clearly, and be happier too.


Talk with Others

It is so important to talk with others about your struggles, successes, or just participating in general conversation. It gives you a sense of connectivity and intimacy which are key to your health. Many people overlook this one simple tip to enhance their mood. If you work at home like I do, call a friend, chat with your neighbor, and regularly talk with your family or friends throughout the day.


Keep Your Finances in Order

Nobody’s mood is top notch when their finances are down the drain. Keep your finances in order, and remember that financial health is the goal you’re going for. It will make everything seem easier, no matter what it means giving up temporarily.


Eliminate Toxic Friends

Toxic friends are something no one likes to talk about, but most of us have. You know - those friends who put you down, tell you what to do, talk about you behind your back, or just generally drain your energy. These toxic friends need to be out of your life so you can have plenty of room for good friends. Toxic friends ruin your mood, no matter what else you do. You’re not being harsh by eliminating them from your life either - you’re taking care of yourself.


Get Rid of Addictive Foods and Drinks

Addictive foods and drinks like sugar, wheat, caffeine, gluten, alcohol, nicotine, processed foods, and others can all do somersaults on your mood. They give you a high, and bring you down really low when their effects wear off. Get rid of them, whatever it takes, and you’ll think more clearly, be happier, and your appetite will regulate itself again.


Increase Your Vegetables

One simple way to help you feel less stressed and more balanced is just to eat more veggies. Eat your vegetables whenever you can, and add them in to crowd out other bad foods. If you hate broccoli, try something different! Sweet vegetables can help newbies learn to love them. My favorites are roasted carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, onions, fennel, and fresh spinach. Use whatever you like and try new recipes to keep things fun. Vegetables have a large range of phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that help increase your brain help and balance the entire body.


Avoid Sugar and Gluten

Sugar and gluten are two of the most addicting foods you can eat, and they also contribute to depression. They create a certain high in the body, and then when you’re through digesting them, your body craves more of them, and other toxic foods. They also cause a depression effect in the brain, and many people feel so much better without them. Both also contribute to digestion, skin, and weight issues.


Eat Enough

Are you eating enough? If not, your mood is likely to take a nosedive. Not getting enough calories in healthy forms is one of the worst things you can do for your mood. The fewer calories I eat, the more depressed I get. Your brain is made of fat, and your body needs calories to function properly. Don’t ignore this one simple tip; allow yourself to eat more calories if you need to. There’s no perfect number for all of us, and each one of us need different levels of calories to be our happiest selves. Just be sure to choose whole food and unprocessed forms of calories whenever possible.


Don’t Go Fat-free

Along with eating enough calories, be sure you also don’t go fat-free. Fat is essential to hormone production, and essential for brain health. The best sources for your mood are almonds, walnuts, raw coconut products, avocados, all seeds, organic pastured eggs, and wild fish. Eating enough of these will ensure good mood health. They also satisfy you sooner and prevent your sweet tooth from taking over too.


Get Your B’s

B vitamins are essential to good mood health. Be sure your multivitamin contains a wide range of all B vitamins, or take a B supplement. B vitamins help prevent depression, poor metabolism, lack of energy, anemia, and digestive issues.


Try Magnesium

I can’t tell you how much I just love magnesium. It seems to help everything, but especially my mood. It helps calm the nerves, enhances your serotonin levels, enhances your muscle recovery to prevent injury, helps you sleep better, can help your digestion, and it’s great for PMS. Due to the way our earth is handled today, most magnesium levels in the soil are insufficient for our health needs. Magnesium is also one of the minerals in the body to be quickly depleted due to stress, lack of rest, poor health habits, or too much calcium. Try magnesium and see if it helps. I like Now Foods magnesium supplements, but there are many other brands to try too. This one supplement has seemed to help my mood more noticeably than any other. Just be sure to talk to your doctor before adding in any supplements if you feel you need to.

Simple health habits like these are the best ways to take care of your mood the natural way. I have suffered depression my whole life, and so long as I abide by these, my mood is always top notch. What tips would you like to add to take care of your mood?

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I love this! I always try to light a candle or incense everyday...they are things that make me happy and center me...I find that when I'm in a bad space, doing one or the other instantly improves my mood.

Thanks , I really enjoyed this

As alwas the best writer on aws! Thanx again..

Oh, Heather, how I love your articles! I love to relax trough music... So I can say I use music as a therapy...

I love it

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