7 Natural Ways to Ward off Seasonal Illnesses ...


7 Natural Ways to Ward off Seasonal Illnesses ...
7 Natural Ways to Ward off Seasonal Illnesses ...

Ward off seasonal illnesses naturally, ladies! It’s not the least bit hard nor is it impossible, time consuming or highly impractical. For some of you, the season of flu and colds has already begun, others will have a bit more time to prepare themselves for it, yet a small, natural and completely harmless experiment such as this one is something all of you can allow yourselves to consider. Check out these interesting tips on how to ward off seasonal illnesses, make an effort to employ some of them and see how well they work for you:

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Ginger Root

Ginger Root Ginger’s anti-inflammatory effects as well as its ability to not only cure but completely prevent inflammation, make it a perfect ally to side yourself with in order to ward off seasonal illnesses. Fresh ginger works best, of course, and you don’t even have to take it in large amounts – a small chunk chopped into your hot morning tea or ground into your food will work wonders in truth. My husband has taken it every day for a year now and he still can’t believe how well this works!


Lemons and Oranges

Lemons and Oranges Rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C, lemons and oranges are another great source of all of that good stuff your body needs in order to work better, become stronger and defend itself against various nasty critters waiting their chance to make you sick. Start your day with a healthy, homemade drink that tastes wonderful and doesn’t cost a fortune – your immunity will thank you for it and, should you decide to skip sugar, it might even help you lose weight.


Healthy Digestion

Healthy Digestion Yogurt, apples and even cranberries are something you should make a conscious decision to eat more often, not just in autumn but all year round. Low fat yogurt and apple chunks, for example, are a perfect low-calorie snack that not only tastes great but aids digestion too. This mix of good bacteria and fibers will help your body dispose of toxins faster, improving its odds in the ongoing war with those offending viruses and bacteria.


Hand Washing

Hand Washing Yes, I’m going to say it regardless of how awkward it may sound – wash your hands! Taking extra care to wash your hands more often during flu outbreaks won’t take too much of your time, yet it will help you remove viruses and bacteria you might have picked up from a doorknob or something, before they contaminate your food and personal space.


Get a Good Rest

Get a Good Rest Failing to get your beauty sleep can cause more than dark circles – it actually makes your body weaker! Our bodies regenerate during sleep and failing to provide this necessary rest causes a great deal of harm not only to your brain but to the rest of your body as well. A flu shot, in this case, won’t do much to protect your exhausted organs. Sure, it will keep the flu at bay but what about all of those other seasonal illnesses you’re exposing yourself to? Long story short – you need your sleep and it’s not just a waste of good time!


Eat More Garlic

Eat More Garlic Here’s a fun fact for you! Did you know garlic is a natural antibiotic? It’s so wonderful, in fact, it has gotten the attention of many scientists, Louis Pasteur being just one of the more notable ones! A number of viruses, bacteria and fungi are not resistant to garlic, nor can they adapt to it which, as we know, isn’t always the case with antibiotics.


Natural Gargles

Natural Gargles Gargling a mixture of salt and water or a tea with your favorite soothing, inflammation-inhibiting herb can do a great deal for all of you suffering from frequent sore throats. These natural, inexpensive reliefs are my mom’s most favorite no-fail choice and the only trick about them is that you have to start early, while the inflammation is still easy to deal with.

Have you ever used any of these natural cures for cold and flu or you prefer to let modern medicine take care of your health issues?

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Zinc!! It's my number one remedy for colds and flus followed closely by yogurt and other probiotic foods. A healthy gut is a healthy you!

On guard essential oil from Dottera is also great. Prevents and shortens sickness.

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