43 Nutrition Infographics to Help You Make Food Choices for Better Health ...

By Neecey

43 Nutrition Infographics to Help You Make Food Choices for Better Health ...

Nutrition infographics are a great way of receiving information in an easy to assimilate format that makes learning fun and easy. They get to the crux of a topic in short order, presenting you the key facts without fuss. If you're a visual leaner, use these nutrition infographics to see what ways you can eat better and improve your health.

Table of contents:

  1. the secret to a super fast metabolism
  2. workout nutrition
  3. foods to get rid of a bad mood
  4. veggies for better blood pressure
  5. how to heal your organs
  6. good bacteria
  7. genetically modified organisms
  8. fat burning foods
  9. fueling food for a marathon run
  10. what to eat if you have hypothyroidism
  11. clean eating tips
  12. boost your bust naturally
  13. wine calorie chart
  14. how to balance hormones naturally
  15. drink more
  16. food portion size
  17. nutrition dos & don'ts
  18. the science of vitamins
  19. why is iron important
  20. the best omega-3 sources
  21. weight loss
  22. cancer fighting foods
  23. top sources of plant-based calcium
  24. cooking oils
  25. snacks
  26. the ultimate guide to superfoods
  27. quinoa
  28. the lowdown on carbs
  29. are you allergic or intolerant?
  30. beer or wine?
  31. plant-based foods that will help you build muscle
  32. foods that pack a protein punch
  33. 5 heart-healthy foods
  34. dark chocolate
  35. immune boosting foods!
  36. gluten
  37. bananas v cookies
  38. energy foods
  39. breakfast
  40. banned foods
  41. warning - this is graphic
  42. the disease-fighting benefits of fruit
  43. when we eat

1 The Secret to a Super Fast Metabolism

HETAS,advertising,font,brand,line, Via The Secret to a Super ...
Nutrition infographics tackle everything from how your body works with food to food itself. Here, learn how to keep your metabolism at its best.

2 Workout Nutrition

web page,font,brand,screenshot,line, Via What To Eat Before, During ...
What to eat before, during and after exercise according to body type.


Flow,font,icon,illustration,Foods, Via Infographic: Foods to Get Rid ...
When you're not feeling on your A-game, head to the kitchen.

4 Veggies for Better Blood Pressure

font,product,brand,line,illustration, Via Eat These Veggies to Lower ...
Yet more reasons to eat a diet chock full of vegetables.

5 How to Heal Your Organs

text,font,diagram,advertising,line, Via Heal Your Organs With the ...
Need reasons to get juicing?

6 Good Bacteria

grass family,brand,crop,produce,food, Via Probiotics at Work
Make the most of your body’s beneficial bugs — for gut health, immunity, metabolism and more.

7 Genetically Modified Organisms

Whole Foods,text,advertising,poster,font, Via GMO: Your Right to Know
This nutrition infographic tackles one of the hottest food issues.

8 Fat Burning Foods

dish,advertising,food,brand,menu, Via Eat These Fat Burning Foods ...
Just a selection of the best fat-burning foods.

9 Fueling Food for a Marathon Run

fish,dish,paddle,food,[]Cleveland, Via Fueling Food for A Marathon ...
If you’re running a marathon, you need a game plan for eating right.

10 What to Eat if You Have Hypothyroidism

advertising,brand,WWW.,FITLIFE.TV,WHAT, Via What To Eat If You ...
Info on how to keep your thyroid in tip top condition.

11 Clean Eating Tips

product,advertising,brand,line,DO'S, Via Clean Eating: Do's & Don'ts ...
A good overview if you're new to clean eating and a good reminder if you're not.

12 Boost Your Bust Naturally

text,font,menu,advertising,brand, Via Boost Bust Naturally - iNFOGRAPHiCs ...
Try the natural way before cosmetic surgery.

13 Wine Calorie Chart

Chào Ngày Mới HTV7,text,product,diagram,font, Via The Best Wines for Your ...
Do you know how many calories are in your favorite grape?

14 How to Balance Hormones NATURALLY

biology,advertising,brand,TOP,HORMONE, Via 10 Ways To Balance Hormones ...
Hormone imbalances can upset your body in all sorts of ways. And it isn't just in menopausal women.

15 Drink More

Gatorade,Dortek,text,advertising,poster, Via Why You Should Be Drinking ...
As if you didn't know, but it's always good to be better informed.

16 Food Portion Size

text,font,line,document,shape, Via Food Portion Size Guide
So many diets and healthy eating plans talk about "portions" but do you know what a portion is?

17 Nutrition Dos & Don'ts

Jazzercise,brand,advertising,GUIDELINES,FOR, Via Nutrition Dos & Don'ts (Infographic)
Some excellent pointers on how to eat properly.

18 The Science of Vitamins

text,advertising,product,biology,brand, Via The Science of Vitamins and ...
An excellent overview of the importance of each vitamin.

19 Why is Iron Important

font,line,shape,diagram,cheat, The most important things you need to know about iron in one place.

20 The Best Omega-3 Sources

text,font,biology,screenshot,advertising, Via Omega-3s: The Heart-Healthy Fats | ...
You have to eat omega-3s because your body can't make it. Now you know what foods to eat.

21 Weight Loss

biology,advertising,diagram,brand,brochure, Via Ways to Lose Weight | ...
The low down on the most common ways to lose weight.

22 Cancer Fighting Foods

text,advertising,biology,website,brand, Via 6 Cancer Fighting Foods - ...
It's good to be armed with some ways to fight the world's scariest disease.

23 Top Sources of Plant-Based Calcium

text,font,product,advertising,document, Via Top Sources of Plant-Based Calcium ...
You'll find this useful if you are lactose intolerant or vegan or if you want to cut down on dairy.

24 Cooking Oils

web page,brand,line,myfitnesspal,COOKING, Via This Chart Demystifies Which Cooking ...
How to navigate your way through the field of cooking oils.

25 Snacks

text,font,line,advertising,brand, Via Diary of a Fit Mommy: ...
What snacks to reach for that curb those cravings.

26 The Ultimate Guide to Superfoods

advertising,banner,line,UEBERRIES,SALMON, All the most accessible superfoods are listed.

27 Quinoa

4DE Pijler,text,advertising,font,poster, Via The Health Benefits of Quinoa
Why you should be on the quinoa bandwagon.

28 The Lowdown on Carbs

advertising,diagram,brand,design,GOOD, Via Good Carbs Vs. Bad Carbs ...
Confused about carbs? Be confused no more.

29 Are You Allergic or Intolerant?

muscle,advertising,poster,sense,human body, Via Food Allergy Awareness Week: Recipes ...
Knowing the difference between having a food allergy and being intolerant is important because it affects how you treat the issue.

30 Beer or Wine?

Wine Folly,product,advertising,drink,brand, Via fitbottomedeats.com
Get the lowdown before you head to the bar.

31 Plant-Based Foods That Will Help You Build Muscle

advertising,food,brand,produce,Rode, Via Plant-Based Foods That Will Help ...
Are you ready to build some muscle?

32 Foods That Pack a Protein Punch

advertising,line,banner,FOODS,THAT, Via Foods That Pack a Protein ...
How do you fare on the protein front? Are you getting enough or too much/too little?

33 5 Heart-Healthy Foods

Sport,advertising,produce,brand,food, Via Treat Yourself Right with 5 ...
Foods to treat your heart right.

34 Dark Chocolate

Award,advertising,text,font,poster, Via Benefits of Dark Chocolate and ...
Confirmation that chocolate is a girl's best friend!

35 Immune Boosting Foods!

advertising,caffeine,drink,NATURAL,WAYS, Via 10 Natural Ways to Supercharge ...
Keep this handy for cold and flu season.

36 Gluten

line,shape,GLUTEN,WHAT,GLUTEN?, Via What’s the Deal With Gluten
How much do you know and understand about gluten?

37 Bananas V Cookies

advertising,brand,BANANAS,COOKIES?,SHOU, Via Are Bananas Much Better Than ...
An interesting infographic measuring foods on a scale of fullness and ability to give you a sugar crash.

38 Energy Foods

text,biology,advertising,brand,brochure, Via Energy Foods Infographic
What to eat when you need an energy boost.

39 Breakfast

ecosystem,line,(Break,Canaud,BREAKFAST, Via Breakfasts Around The World
Why you should eat breakfast and some interesting breakfasts from around the world.

40 BANNED Foods

line,pattern,BANNED,FOODS,THAT, Via 10 Banned Foods that Every ...
A fascinating look at foods eaten in the USA which are banned elsewhere in the world.

41 Warning - This is Graphic

poster,muscle,comic book,organ,comics, Via The Trouble With Fat - ...
The dangers of excessive fat consumption.

42 The Disease-Fighting Benefits of Fruit

advertising,poster,banner,brand,brochure, Via The Disease-Fighting Benefits Of Fruit ...
Check up on your favorite fruits.

43 When We Eat

text,advertising,font,poster,brand, Via When We Eat Matters (Infographic)
When you eat might be - but not quite - just as important as what you eat.

I love infographics because you get such a lot of great info in one short burst. If you're going to use nutrition infographics seriously, please make sure they're from a credible source - or make further research online.

Do you like infographics or do you prefer to read a lot of words?

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