7 Pain Relieving Pressure Points in Your Body ...

There are many pain relieving pressure points in the body. Knowing where these pressure points are and how to use them will help you ease pain outside of using medication. If you are a constant pain sufferer, you should check out these pain relieving pressure points and see if any of them will help provide pain relief.

1. Temples

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Are you looking to relieve the throbbing pain from a headache? I know this is one I suffer with regularly. I have found that rubbing my temples in a circular motion does a great job at lessening the pain. Sometimes just holding pressure on these points does wonders too. Keep reading for more pain relieving pressure points.

2. Relieve Neck Pain

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Neck pain is common if you spend a lot of time working at a computer like I do. Of course other activities can also lead to neck pain. Next time your neck is bothering you, try rubbing the area between your thumb and index finger. The first time I tried this I was surprised how much tension release I felt in my neck immediately. Give it a try.

3. Lower Back Pain

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I know this one is going to sound crazy. I’m not sure how or why it works, but if you have lower back pain, I think it is worth giving it a go. Try rubbing and putting pressure behind the large bone of your ankle. I told you it seemed a little odd, but give it a try anyways next time your lower back is hurting and let me know how it works for you. This is also said to work for hip pain.

4. Eye Strain

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Do you have eye strain after being at the computer or reading for long periods of time? Try rubbing your third eye! Funny, right? According to acupressure specialists, your third eye is the point at the top of your nose between your eyebrows. Rubbing right there will help with eye strain.

5. Stomach Pain

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Does your stomach have you feeling bad? Not to worry! There is a pressure point for just about anything, including stomach pain and upset. Rub the area on the side of your foot one thumb width above the center of your arch. This should help with any indigestion and stomach problems.

6. Cramps

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Curse you Aunt Flow and your evil cramp friends! While there are many reasons to celebrate being female, menstrual cramps are not one of them. Luckily we can fight cramps with a little pressure. Where is this sweet spot, you ask? Put pressure between your big and second toe on the top of your foot. When the cramps start coming in, try putting pressure on this area and push towards your second toe for one minute. You can also get some cramp relief by rubbing just under the bone joint where your big toe connects to your foot. You’re welcome.

7. Heartburn

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You can help your body with heartburn by putting pressure on the largest crease of your inner wrist, directly below your little finger? Take that, heartburn!

I am sure you will find many of these pain relieving pressure points helpful and useful. What are some ways that you deal with everyday pains in your life? Have you tried pressure points before? What are your favorite ones?

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