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Paranoid Thoughts about Periods Every Girl Has Had ...

By Holly

Your period can drive you a little bit crazy. That's why you'll have plenty of paranoid thoughts right before your period, and during your period. According to Bustle, every woman has thought these things once or twice:

1 I'm Pregnant
It doesn't matter if you're a virgin, because if your period comes a little bit late, you're going to wonder if there's a baby growing inside of you.

2 You've Caught Me Red-Panted
Whenever you sit down for a long period of time while you're on your period, the thought of getting up is terrifying. What if there's blood on your pants?


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3 Water under the Bridge
This takes things a step further. What if the period blood isn't just on your pants, but is leaking all over the furniture you're sitting on? It would be humiliating!

4 Hello Darkness My Old Friend
Right before your period, you'll get moody. But sometimes, you won't realize that your period is causing the mood swings. You'll just think that you've fallen into a depression, because your life is so horrible.

5 Clear the Calendar
You don't want to make a fool of yourself during your period, so you'll cancel all of your plans. They can wait until your period is over.

6 Bring in the Laser Beam
Even though it's impossible for anyone else to tell when we're on our period, we'll think that everyone secretly knows. We'll wonder if we're walking weird or if our pants look too baggy.

Do you have any of these paranoid thoughts during your period?

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