People Who Sleep Late Are Smarter and More Creative ...


People Who Sleep Late Are Smarter and More Creative ...
People Who Sleep Late Are Smarter and More Creative ...

Those that deviate from their normal sleep schedule are considered more intelligent according to The Huffington Post. The idea is that if you create new evolutionary patterns instead of sticking with the norm that you are more likely to become intelligent. We do not know if this is fully true at the moment, but if we wait a few million years we may see if evolution takes hold. Let’s just hope that the night owls were not the Morlocks, because there are a few people that wake up with a similar look and style.

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WebMD Says More Sleep is Better for You

The medical folks at WebMD say that there are numerous benefits to sleeping more. WebMD claims that sleeping more has many health benefits as well as personality and psychological benefits.


People That Have Enough Sleep Have a Better Sex Life

A lack of sleep means a lack of energy, and if sex is done right, then it is more like a dance; both slow and fast, smooth and vigorous in one elegant (or not) ballet. The trouble is that few dancers can dance their best when they are tired.


Those in Chronic Pain Claim It is Worse when They Are Tired

This may be why some people claim that their chronic pain feels worse at night and why some people say that they wake up in pain that they are able to shake off after their first cup of Joe.


People That Get More Sleep Are More Alert

Sleeping later seems to help some people remain and stay a little sharper. The reason is not the time they wake up; it is just that they are getting more sleep than the rest of us so are a little more alert and able to concentrate.


People That Get More Sleep Are Often in a Better Mood

You may have seen enough symptoms of this to believe it right off the bat, but it has puzzled the medical profession for years. Is sleeplessness and tiredness as related to depression and anxiety as it seems? Does one create the other, or are they simply part of a negative cycle where one feeds the other. It is fair to say that some people get ratty when they are tired, but what about the people that don’t? What about the people that become dopey, or that become rambling talkers, or the people that become more loving. Yes, there is a connection between a good mood and enough sleep, but it may be as simple as the fact it is easier to be in a good mood when you have had enough sleep.


Some People Lose Weight from Sleeping More

If you are awake too long then your body starts demanding energy, so it starts trying to pull energy from elsewhere. It does this by increasing your appetite through reducing the levels of leptin in your system. This is the same hormone that makes you feel full when dietary sugars hit your system. If you are frequently awake longer than you should be, then you may put on weight as a result.


You May Be More Creative when You Have Slept More

The dubious ABC Science channel found this one out. Their methods were hardly credible, but they did make a point that many people agree with, and that point is that they become more creative when they are fully awake. The only problem with this is that some people claim their best work was done whilst they were tired, drunk and even high. The human mind is a weird thing, suffice it to say, if you are tired and having trouble being creative, then try getting some sleep before you try again.

It seems so obvious to ask if you feel better when you’ve had more sleep so let’s ask a different question. Of all the points above which have you found to be true or not true for you?


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this is all super true

Haha Now I've got an even better excuse to sleep in.


Soooo true!....i hate mornings and feel bitchy and off when i dont sleep in. I feel a big difference when i sleep in....i agree with this article 100%.

This article is accurate. Sleep is very important even though I am a first time mommy I still get plenty of rest. My son never gave me a hard time. I can honestly say that he never cried or woke in the middle of the night. I put him down to sleep in his crib at 8 right after his bathtime and he woke up every morning at 6-7 sometimes he is an early riser and sometimes wants a few more min of sleep. He is such a good boy who lets his mom and dad sleep all throughout the night.

I love to sleep late. Not sure that I'm that creative though. 

I'm in a much better mood when I get longer sleep in!

Personally, I don't really think it's that accurate. Yea, sleeping can help you loose weight, be less prone to infection, and give you daily energy, but none of that actually makes you smarter or creative. And sure, while having sleep does make you have more creative ideas, that doesn't mean that you can't have creative ideas when your tired. I think all of these facts are true, but has no substantial evidence that having a good nights rest makes you any more intelligent.

So true. Thanks again Neecey for a very informative article.

Ummmmmmmm I tried or and don't feel more energized nor happier lol sooo don't know how accurate that is??????

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