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I don’t think there’s anyone out there who wouldn’t love to have a super power, but these people with amazing abilities come as close as you can get to super human talents. Some of the abilities are mental abilities while others have one of a kind physical prowess that others can barely even imagine! Some of these people with amazing abilities you may have heard of from news stories, but others aren’t as widely talked about so you may never have heard of their incredible abilities.

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Daniel Tammet

Daniel Tammet Ability: Superior Brain

Daniel Tammet is one of the people with amazing abilities that I wish I had! He is a savant who has incredible learning and memory skills that anyone would envy. He is fluent in 10 languages, one of which (Icelandic) he was challenged to learn in a week for a documentary about his talents. He successfully picked up the language and was able to carry on in Icelandic for the entire interview. In his mind, every number up to 10,000 has a completely distinct shape, color and texture and he feels an emotional response to numbers as well as words. The cherry on top of his awesome abilities is that savants cannot describe how they do what they do, but Daniel can! Not only can he describe how things appear in his mind and how specifically he uses his way of thinking to hone his ability, but he can also draw the images he sees in his head. Astounding!


Hu Qiong

Hu Qiong Ability: Unbreakable Body

Hu Qiong is a Kung Fu Master who has seemingly impenetrable skin. He can withstand a drill on full power pressed against his body, including his throat, chest and head, without it penetrating his skin. He can catch an electric saw while it is on with his bare hands without receiving a mere scratch. Who needs a bullet proof vest when you have a body like that?!


Liew Thow Lin

Liew Thow Lin Ability: Magnetic Skin

Technically his skin is not magnetic; it actually has “suction cup-like” properties that allow metal to stick to his skin as if it were magnetic. His special skin can hold up objects up to approximately 80 lbs and he has also demonstrated the ability to pull a car! Incredibly, his ability is genetic. His two sons and two grandchildren have the same strange skin that allows them to perform the same abilities!


Ben Underwood

Ben Underwood Ability: Echolocation

Ben Underwood lost his eyes at the age of 3 due to cancer, but he never let it destroy his ability to “see.” When he was 5 years old he taught himself how to echo-locate by making a clicking sound with his mouth. He could “see” where objects were located and tell you how short or tall they were, where they began and ended. He was able to do anything a sighted child could do, including a remarkable ability to play basketball and Rollerblade. Sadly, he passed away in January 2009 at the age of 16 from the cancer that had spread. There are a few documentaries about him, so if you want to learn more, take a look at this: benunderwood.com.


Dean Karnazes

Dean Karnazes Ability: Can Run Forever

Dean Karnazes is simply amazing! He started running in early elementary school for fun and has become one of the most famous ultra-marathoners in history! He ran 50 marathons in each of the 50 states in 50 days! Medical professionals and researchers interested in his seemingly endless endurance tested and examined his body for abnormalities after he attempted to run from New York City to San Francisco. He failed the first time but succeeded the second time, running the entire trip in 75 days. The testing and examinations revealed that instead of wearing out and becoming damaged like most people’s muscles, his actually get used to being used and stop being weakened. Doctors determined that as long as he kept drinking a steady supply of water and eating a proper amount of food, he could run non-stop forever.

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Kim Peek

Kim Peek Ability: Brain Capacity

Kim Peek was the inspiration for “Rain Man.” While he only got a score of 87 on IQ tests, he showed remarkable talents in memorization and other aspects. Examinations showed that his brain was lacking certain parts and his neurons made abnormal connections. He was able to read a book two pages at a time by reading each page with one eye while maintaining all of the information. He could recite 12,000 books and memorized the Quran in only 10 minutes. He had a phenomenal ability to tell anyone what day of the week they were born on as well as many events that happened on that specific day.


Natasha Demkina

Natasha Demkina Ability: X-Ray Vision

Natasha Demkina has X-Ray vision…sort of. When she was 10 she surprised her mother by suddenly describing all of the organs in her mom’s body. Since then she has “seen” and been able to describe the inner workings of countless people’s bodies while identifying abnormalities that may be there. She has spotted tumors, cancers and many other medical issues for a number of people. Many are still skeptical of her abilities. She has been tested in various countries by an assortment of medical professionals, and while she doesn’t necessarily get the diagnosis right every time, she certainly achieves her goal with enough frequency to make me a believer!

I wish I had an amazing ability like all of these astonishing people! It would be wonderful to have the expanded brain capacity or memorization talents! What amazing ability do you wish you had?

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This is phenomenal! What an interesting article. Thank you!

Was an interesting read though!

Running from New York to San Francisco? 75 days?! I'm in awe ..amazing

Fantastic article! What incredible people that live among us :)

Ben Underwood always amazed me! It's a shame he passed away. The X-ray vision makes you wonder....

#1 and #6 are amazing. I don't believe the X-ray vision though... Great article. It was fun to read

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