7 Truly Amazing People with Amazing Abilities ...

I don’t think there’s anyone out there who wouldn’t love to have a super power, but these people with amazing abilities come as close as you can get to super human talents. Some of the abilities are mental abilities while others have one of a kind physical prowess that others can barely even imagine! Some of these people with amazing abilities you may have heard of from news stories, but others aren’t as widely talked about so you may never have heard of their incredible abilities.

1. Daniel Tammet

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Ability: Superior Brain

Daniel Tammet is one of the people with amazing abilities that I wish I had! He is a savant who has incredible learning and memory skills that anyone would envy. He is fluent in 10 languages, one of which (Icelandic) he was challenged to learn in a week for a documentary about his talents. He successfully picked up the language and was able to carry on in Icelandic for the entire interview. In his mind, every number up to 10,000 has a completely distinct shape, color and texture and he feels an emotional response to numbers as well as words. The cherry on top of his awesome abilities is that savants cannot describe how they do what they do, but Daniel can! Not only can he describe how things appear in his mind and how specifically he uses his way of thinking to hone his ability, but he can also draw the images he sees in his head. Astounding!

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