Period Facts That You Might Not Know Yet ...

Mother Nature tortures us once a month, so it's strange to think that there are period facts that some women don't know. However, there's only so much that you actually learn in health class. Schools will only give you a certain amount of information, and then will leave you to find out the rest on your own. If you're curious about the way your body works, then you'll be fascinated by these period facts that you might not know:

1. We Release Less than a Cup of Blood

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When we're on our periods, it can feel like all of the blood is draining from our bodies. After all, it's usually enough to ruin our favorite jeans and pair of underwear. However, a typical period only releases 2 to 4 tablespoons of blood. That's less than one cup.

2. You Can Still Get Pregnant during It

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Despite common belief, you can actually get pregnant during your period. Sure, the chances are much slimmer than if you had sex on any other day of the month, but you shouldn't risk it by having unprotected sex during your period. You always need to use condoms. It's the only way to avoid being on Sixteen and Pregnant.

3. Other Animals Menstruate

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Did you know humans aren't the only ones who menstruate? There are actually some types of bats who are forced to deal with menstruation. There are also animals, who happen to be relatives of elephants and aardvarks, who deal with the same situation.

4. It Takes 6 Years for Your Period to Stabilize

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If you just started getting your period a few years ago, you shouldn't worry when it lasts three days one month and seven days the next. It typically takes about six years for a woman's period to stabilize. Until then, you shouldn't be concerned about slight changes in your period. Of course, that doesn't mean you should keep them a secret from your gynecologist. Always be open with her, just in case.

5. Men Are Attracted to Ovulation Scent

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Although it's impossible for a man to tell when you're ovulating, they tend to be more attracted to you at that time. Why? Because your body will be releasing certain hormones that men are subconsciously attracted to. Plus, women tend to look and feel more attractive during ovulation, because it's a time when their bodies treat them better. During your period, however, men tend to be less attracted to the scents that your body gives off, even though they don't realize it.

6. There's No Proof That Periods Sync up

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You've probably heard the rumor that women who live in the same house all get their periods at the same time. While scientists can't actually prove that this myth is accurate, there are plenty of women who will swear that it's the truth.

7. Period Blood Differs from Other Blood

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Have you ever wondered why the blood on your tampons and pads looks different that the blood that comes out of you when you get a cut? That's because the blood released during your period has tissue in it that came from your uterine lining. Gross? Maybe. But none the less accurate.

Even if you didn't learn anything new today, you can at least use these facts to gross out the immature men in your life. What other facts about periods do you think all women should know?

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