Period Must Haves Every Girl Needs in Her Bag ...

Having your period doesn’t have to slow you down. Being on the go means you need to have in your bag everything you need to get through a period. It’s good to know that you’re always prepared. These are 7 must haves for your monthly visitor.

1. Period Control Essentials

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Of course you have to have the essentials. Pack a couple pads or tampons to get you through the day should your period strike when you’re not home. There’s nothing worse than being out and discovering your period has arrived and you don’t have the necessary supplies to deal. Save yourself from the embarrassment of an emergency stop by always having these in your bag. It’s also good to have a panty liner tucked in your purse for those times you think your period’s over and it suddenly reappears with a bit of spotting.

2. Pain Reliever

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Periods hurt. For some of us more than others but one thing’s for sure; they’re no summer picnic. When period pain hits, try ibuprofen to kick it. If your period makes you feel crabby and irritable, try Pamprin. It’s a great combination medication to treat both PMS symptoms and period pain.

3. Your Favorite Body Mist

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A lot of women feel concerned about not being totally fresh during their period. Even if you shower daily, a little bit of unfreshness can still occur. Deal with it by carrying your favorite body mist. Body mist is a good choice because it’s enough to give you a hint of fragrance but not so strong that you can’t reapply throughout the day. I picked up a new body mist called Angels Only at Victoria’s Secret and it’s a lovely, light fruity-floral that’s perfect for when you’re on your period or any other time.

4. Decaf Tea Bags

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You may not know this but caffeine isn’t your friend during your period and several days beforehand. It can increase irritability and breast tenderness. But you don’t have to go without a nice beverage. There are many decaffeinated teas you can choose from. Toss a couple tea bags in your purse to have when you want an afternoon pick-me-up. There’re even varieties that help with PMS.

5. Your Phone

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Puzzled why this one’s showing up in the list? Let me explain. Have you ever been at a doctor’s appointment and you’re asked when your last period was and you have absolutely no idea? You’ll never have that issue again if you download an app to keep track of your cycle. Simply enter the day you start your period and the app will track it as well as tell you when your next period’s due, when you’re fertile and when your hormones are fluctuating.

6. A Bottle of Water

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Do you hate that bloated feeling your period gives you? You feel self-conscious and your jeans don’t fit the same way they do the rest of the month. At least that’s what happens to me. If you can relate, then water is your friend during your period. It fights bloat and helps your clothes fit the way they’re meant to.

7. Healthy Snacks

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Periods mean a bigger appetite and cravings for most of us. Throwing some healthy snacks in your bag can help you prevent binging on those thousand calorie cookies at the mall. An apple is always a good option. If you want something salty then packs of almonds or mixed nuts are a great alternative to chips. If chocolate cravings are your issue then try a KIND Dark Chocolate Chunk granola bar as a way to indulge without blowing your diet.

These are 7 must haves for your bag when you’re on your period. What are the items that get you through each month? Your amazing ideas could inspire others!

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