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If you want to practice good overall hygiene, there are personal items you shouldn’t share. Sharing can cause transference of germs and what may not cause a reaction in the person who owns and uses the item, it may well not be the same for you. You have enough germs of your own and with plenty more on everything you touch and all around you, adding someone else’s into the mix is unnecessary. Here are the personal items you shouldn’t share.

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Bar Soaps

Bar Soaps On top of the list of personal items you shouldn’t share is bar soap. Contrary to the fact that bar soap is a body cleanser and should naturally be clean and germ-free, one study showed that it lead to many reinfections in dental clinics. The theory for this is that soap is almost always wet when used—especially on the bottom—and that can be a breeding ground for fungi, bacteria and yeast.


Hair Wear and Hair Care Products

Hair Wear and Hair Care Products From hats and caps to combs and brushes, anything that goes on your head or through your hair should not be shared with other people. Head lice is the biggest problem, although it usually affects school-aged children more than adults. Bed sheets, pillows and pillow cases can also further the spread of lice.



Antiperspirants Unlike deodorants, antiperspirants do not have any germ-killing properties. The only thing they are responsible for doing is decreasing the amount of perspiration you produce. Roll-on antiperspirants, in particular, can easily transfer germs, yeast and fungi if shared. Sprays are the safest way to share antiperspirants if you must.


Nail Care Products

Nail Care Products Of the more important personal items you should not share is anything that has to do with your nails, including nail files, nail clippers and nail buffers. If you have any type of opening in your skin, either from a pushed cuticle or a cut, you are at risk of getting some type of bacteria, fungus or virus into it. Nail salons should always properly sanitize their tools to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs that can lead to infections. In some cases, Hepatitis C and staph infections have been reported.



Razors No matter what the razor is used for or who uses it, there is tremendous potential of transferring germs by sharing one. Every time you or someone else shaves, tiny nicks are being made into the skin. And even though it might not produce any blood, there is still a chance that there may be some on the razor that you cannot see. Aside from that, viruses and bacteria from the other user’s skin can be on the razor and when you go to use it, you may unknowingly be transferring those germs into your skin when you shave and nick yourself.

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Cups, Mugs and Water Bottles

Cups, Mugs and Water Bottles You may be tempted to taste your best friend’s favorite coffee, but you may want to have her pour some in a separate cup before she takes her first sip. Why? The saliva in your mouth may have germs in it that you do not even know about, like strep throat, mumps, mono, a cold and herpes. Even if your BFF is not sick, she still may be carrying a virus that you can easily catch just by sharing a drink. Sip from your own cup or find a better way to share a drink.


Earrings and Earphones

Earrings and Earphones Yes, something as harmless as ear jewelry and earphones is on the list of personal items you should not share. In the case of earrings, when someone puts an earring through their ear, they could poke the skin and get a small amount of blood on the tip of the earring. Now, if you borrow that same pair of earrings, you are putting that bloodied tip through your ear and increasing the risk of possibly getting some type of virus. With earphones, those tiny little buds that are inserted in your ear will increase the buildup of bacteria if you use them a lot. If you need to share them with someone, wash them first to decrease your chances of getting their ear germs in your ears.

Other things you shouldn’t share include makeup – that’s an important one, and is also something you shouldn’t buy secondhand. The same goes for toothbrushes – always use your own – if you don’t have it, your finger is better than someone else’s brush. What other personal items can you think of that you wouldn’t ever or never should share?

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Yep I definitely share all of these. Germs shmerms.

Definitely right crystal! All makeup even brushes! Mascara's , lipstick, foundation the lot! X

And makeup!

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