The 9 Phases of Quitting Sugar You're Going to Experience ...


The 9 Phases of Quitting Sugar You're Going to Experience ...
The 9 Phases of Quitting Sugar You're Going to Experience ...

Contributing to late onset diabetes, weight gain, illnesses and lowered immunity, sugar is something you definitely should get out of your diet. And to stick to it because the best thing you can do is to kick that sugar to the curb for good! Studies show that sugar can be just as addicting as cocaine and you may go through withdrawal as well as other phases when giving up this addictive indulgence. But once you give this up for just over 30 days, you will find yourself adopting new healthier habits and just feel better!

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You Think You Got This

You Think You Got This So you made a decision to give up sweets? Great job for taking the first step in deciding to give up sugar. Whether this is for health or weight loss reasons, this is a smart decision to make because sugar has only negative effects on the body. And with giving this addictive substance up, you may think it will be easy but think again! This will be a challenge, but stay strong you can get through this.


Until You Start to Crave Sugar

Until You Start to Crave Sugar Then you start to crave sugar and realize this is not going to be as easy as you thought. This could be in the same day as you decided to give up or maybe several days later. Regardless, you have to stay strong and get through this or you will not make any progress.


Then Headaches Kick in

Then Headaches Kick in Just as a drug addict going cold turkey, you may experience headaches from sugar withdrawal and it is going to not be fun. You have to push through it. These headaches can occur several times a day for weeks or even a month but in approximately 30 days you will wake up feeling in control. Just stay strong and do not give in to the refined sugar!


And Your Body Starts to Hurt

And Your Body Starts to Hurt You feel aches and pains as if you are sick. Your energy levels seems to drop as you go through the withdrawals from not having sugar. Keep your head up and stay strong. Find new healthy foods to replace your unhealthy addiction. And find a new lease of life because you deserve to be in your best health!


Mood Swings Kick in

Mood Swings Kick in One minute you are up and the next you are down because your body is having a chemical reaction from not having sugar. Ignore these mood swings and put a smile on your face because you are strong enough to push through this addiction. Share your healthy lifestyle with friends and family so they can support your wonderful health change and keep to it!


And You May Even Feel Shaky

And You May Even Feel Shaky Depending upon how addicted you were to sugar and how often you were consuming it, you may have the shakes of withdrawal. This is because your blood sugar level has dropped and your body is craving this high. So have an apple for a natural high and avoid the sugary sweets because you can do this!


But You Start to Overcome

person, image, mouth, screenshot, After a few days or even a few weeks, you'll start to feel confident in your abilities to resist sugars. Some have said they experienced brain fog and their energy levels flatlined, but they reportedly came out of it soon enough.


You Find Yourself ChoOsing HeaLthy AlternatiVes

human action, hair, face, person, hairstyle, Instead of caving on your next trip to the grocery store, you actually find yourself searching for the healthy foods. You spend more time in produce and completely pass up the junk food aisles. Go you!


After 30 Days You Feel Way Better and Control of Your Life

After 30 Days You Feel Way Better and Control of Your Life Even though you feel like you will feel down forever, in just thirty days you will adopt new healthy habits and no longer crave sugar. You will have better health and a firmer grasp on your life. You will have control because you chose to better your health. So be patient and stick to this; there is light at the end of the tunnel!

So get through these phases and kick your sugar addiction to the curb. I promise your life will be much sweeter by giving up this unhealthy addiction! You deserve a lifetime of health and happiness!

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This suggestion is a worthy one - we would all be so much healthier, avoid so many illnesses and be happier if we weren’t addicted to sugar! I would love to see more suggestions on how to get through the first weeks. For example: ‘I know it’s going to be hard but when you feel the craving, drink a glass of water and take a walk, or a bike ride, or a bath etc…’ Or ‘When you feel symptoms of headaches and mood swings etc… have a bowl of berries, or an orange.’ If we are able to get through this - we all need to figure out ways to do so and there are ways to make it easier! Have a cup of Sweet and Spicy tea with nothing added - it’s just naturally sweet - this can feel comforting and rewarding for all your efforts! It’s like you’ve stepped out into the ocean and you’re fighting the waves for a few weeks, then you get beyond them and the waters are calm.

Really plateaued on my weight loss journey. What do I do?

This is a process of 30 days? The torture.

This is plagiarized I've seen this entire thing a few weeks ago

Here we go. No ice cream as well?

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I hope I can do it well! I love cakes, ice cream, desserts, chocolate etc ...faintzz

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